Buy and Sell Discounted Gift Cards at the Card Hub Gift Card Exchange

The Gift Card Exchange from Card Hub provides an online forum for buying and selling discounted gift cards to other people.

The Card Hub Gift Card Exchange is a great way to turn your unused gift cards into cash if you don’t want them anymore.

You can also get discounted prices on gift cards from sellers who would rather have the money.

In addition, the Gift Card Exchange gives you the option to sell or buy gift cards directly from Card Hub, but this option is only available for select popular gift cards.

The Gift Card Exchange can help you get huge savings on gift cards from many popular merchants, restaurants, and service providers.

You can connect to Gift Card Exchange with your Facebook account, so that you can easily communicate with other members to buy or sell gift cards.

However, since there is a trust factor involved when buying or selling gift cards to strangers, only in-person transactions are recommended at this time.

Gift Card Exchange simply provides a forum where you can connect with other people to buy and sell gift cards, but no further support is provided to guarantee your transaction.

Because of this, your only real option is to meet people in person to exchange gift cards, so you’re limited to people within your vicinity.

You would otherwise have to first require the gift card to be mailed to you or the gift card code emailed to you, then you’d have to verify the amount of money on the gift card, and then you would have to provide the seller with the money (or some other variation of this exchange scenario), so any type of transaction other than an in-person transaction would require a lot of trust from both parties.

Even after an in-person exchange, there’s always the possibility that the seller could use the gift card code to make an online purchase before the buyer has a chance to use the gift card.

To combat the issue of trust, Card Hub allows you to control which community members you will interact with in the Gift Card Exchange based on your Facebook connections, but there is always the possibility of something going wrong if you don’t know the buyer or seller.

This makes buying and selling gift cards directly to Card Hub the easiest option, regardless of where you are located, but you can usually get a better bargain when you exchange gift cards with other people instead of Card Hub.

Check out the Card Hub Gift Card Exchange for more details and to purchase or sell gift cards at discount prices.

Gift Card Exchange Press Release

Card Hub Launches Social Gift Card Exchange Cuts Out the Middleman and Creates the First Gift Card Marketplace for Buyers and Sellers to Interact Directly

ARLINGTON, Virginia (PRWEB) April 21, 2010 – According to TowerGroup, the gift card industry was worth $87 billion in 2009 alone. However, 6 percent of this huge figure – nearly $5 billion – was wasted due to gift cards that went unused. To help consumers take advantage of this five-billion-dollar untapped resource, is pleased to announce the launch of the Social Gift Card Exchange. This is the first gift card marketplace to cut out the middleman and provide a trustworthy environment for direct user-to-user interaction.

Card Hub brings a new level of innovation to the industry with its Social Gift Card Exchange that not only includes the primary functionality of other gift card depots, but also provides a platform for users to trade their gift cards directly with their friends, neighbors, colleagues, and trusted companies.

“Our Gift Card Exchange is a hybrid of and Craigslist for gift cards,” said Odysseas Papadimitriou, CEO and founder of

Card Hub’s Social Gift Card Exchange works like Craigslist in that it allows users to list their gift cards and sell them to other community members at no charge. In addition to listing a card in the community, Card Hub users will be presented with an offer to sell popular gift cards directly to Card Hub. Should they choose to accept this offer, they will be compensated for their gift card as soon as they mail it in.

This system not only allows users to get discounts on their favorite gift cards or cash in exchange for unwanted gift cards, but also allows them to trade popular gift cards at a profit. This is particularly true if a user wants to trade a gift card to a very popular store, like Apple, to a slightly less popular store, like Banana Republic. For example, if someone has an Apple gift card worth $100, they’re likely to sell it for close to $90 because of Apple’s popularity. Then the same person can use the $90 to purchase a Banana Republic gift card worth $110. In essence, they’ve gone from having an unwanted $100 gift card to a gift card worth $110 at one of their favorite stores.

Because it is tied to Facebook, the Social Gift Card Exchange offers a transparent and close community of buyers and sellers. It is up to each person to decide how many or few people they want to interact with when exchanging their gift cards.

“We empower our users with multiple options within a trusted community. The combination of community and choice is what makes our gift card exchange unique,” said Papadimitriou.

The Social Gift Card Exchange is building on the success of Card Hub’s initial Gift Card application for Facebook, launched in December 2009, which offered features like a maintenance-free Gift Card Wish List, a Birthday Calendar, and a simple gift card listing forum.

The updated and expanded version of the Social Gift Card Exchange is now offered on, in addition to Card Hub’s Facebook application.

– End of Press Release.

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