Citi Card Members Can Access TruAxis Deals for Gift Card Savings and Special Offers

Select Citi card members have access to TruAxis deals for special savings on merchant gift cards and more promotional offers.

Citibank’s TruAxis deals are available to select Citi credit card members, so you must check your online account to see if you can access these TruAxis deals.

TruAxis deals are based on your spending habits, so your offers will depend on where you make purchases, or you may not have any deals available if you don’t use your Citi Credit Cards that often.

How To Get TruAxis Deals

1. Log in to your Citi Card online account.

2. Visit your All Activity page to find the TruAxis button.

3. Click the TruAxis button to access your offers.

Depending on which Citibank card you have, the TruAxis button may be located differently, so just search around your Citi account to find the TruAxis deals.

However, TruAxis may not be available on all Citi cards, so there’s a chance that you simply don’t have access to these savings.

Check out this Slickdeals Forum for more details on how to access the TruAxis deals for your specific Citi card.

You will also see that Citibank members are currently getting $10 Amazon Gift Cards for only $5 through TruAxis as well as other special savings from many other merchants.

Most people are reporting that TruAxis is available for their Citi Forward® Card, but some other Citibank credit cards also seem to be showing TruAxis deals.

TruAxis deals may be a sign that Citibank is looking to compete more with American Express, which offers tons of special merchant deals for their card members.

Check your Citibank card online account for access to TruAxis savings today.

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