Count Down to Black Friday Deals at for Shopping Savings All November is offering early Black Friday deals for the entire month of November leading up to a week of Cyber Monday discounts.

The official Black Friday Deals Week kicks off on Monday, November 21st, but you can get early Black Friday discounts all month long.

Check out the Amazon Black Friday Deals page to get incredible savings on a huge variety of merchandise.

Stop by each day through November 20th for early Black Friday deals, including sales on electronics, low prices on DVDs, magazine subscription specials, grocery bargains, and deals on clothing, shoes, jewelry, and more.

Starting November 21st, Black Friday Deals Week will offer new shopping discounts all week long.

Amazon will then start a week’s worth of Cyber Monday deals on November 27th for even more great deals every day.

I’ll be watching for a cheap HDTV during my Black Friday Discount Shopping, since my former Samsung TV started turning off and on inexplicably and the repair man told me it would cost more than it’s worth to fix.

Review these Online Shopping Discount Codes as well for more store savings.

Watch these early Black Friday Deals on Amazon for some of the best savings of the year, and if anybody has figured out how to know when the prices have reached their lowest and it’s time to buy, please let us know.

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