CVS Pharmacy ExtraCare Rewards Double Bucks Promotion

The CVS Pharmacy ExtraCare Rewards program is currently offering a Double Bucks promotion that allows you to earn twice the rewards on your CVS purchases through March 15, 2010.

The CVS ExtraCare Rewards program is free to join and earn cash rewards for your CVS purchases.

Plus, you’ll earn twice the ExtraCare rewards when you register for the CVS Double Bucks promotion.

You will earn Double Extra Bucks on purchases of CVS brand items and prescriptions from January 17th through March 15, 2010, upon enrollment.

Your earnings will start from the date you register, and Extra Bucks will not be rewarded retroactively, so sign up today.

You’ll earn 4% cash back on CVS Pharmacy brand items during the Double Bucks promotion, instead of the usual 2%.

Plus, you’ll earn $2 Extra Bucks for every 2 prescriptions purchased, instead of the usual $1 Extra Buck.

Your CVS Double Bucks earnings will be combined with your quarterly Extra Bucks payout, beginning on April 1st.

Register for the CVS Double Bucks Promotion today to earn double the usual ExtraCare Rewards for your CVS purchases.

Check out more details on the free CVS ExtraCare Rewards Program to earn cash rewards when you shop at CVS Pharmacy stores.

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Sign up for the CVS ExtraCare Double Bucks promotion today to earn double your rewards on CVS purchases.

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