FitFlop Footwear Class Action Settlement with No Proof of Purchase Required

If you purchased eligible FitFlop Footwear in the United States between January 1, 2007, and January 8, 2014, you may be entitled to a cash payout in the FitFlop class action lawsuit settlement with no proof of purchase required.

Supposedly, FitFlop claimed that their footwear provided a variety of benefits that normal footwear could not provide, which is apparently not true, because they’re just fancy flip flops.

No matter, because you can File an Online Claim Form by June 27, 2014, to participate in this settlement.

Just as long as you only request an award for 2 pairs of eligible FitFlop Footwear or less, no proof of purchase is necessary.

However, if you want to claim an award for more than 2 pairs of FitFlops, then you must provide your proof of purchase.

The amount of money that you may receive depends on what types of FitFlops you purchased.

For Category 1 shoe models, you’ll receive an initial amount of $25 for up to a maximum of $60.

For Category 2 shoe models, you’ll receive an initial amount of $40 for up to a maximum of $100.

I’m not positive if the “initial amount” language means that you’ll get either $25 or $40 per shoe up to the maximum, or if the amount of your settlement will be based off of the specific shoe model, but this is a pretty good payout either way.

Take advantage of this Class Action Lawsuit Settlement for FitFlop Footwear, even if you don’t have any proof of purchase available at this time.

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