Offers Free $20 Borders Gift Card is a social networking community website that is currently offering a free $20 Borders gift card when you sign up for free and get at least 5 friends to join for free as well. is an excellent social networking site that offers you rewards for your participation. You earn points for participating in the social networking community and its various groups, and the points are redeemable for cash gift cards to many brand-name merchants.

There are no gimmicks. simply rewards their community with some of the advertising revenue that the website produces from the community’s user-generated content and the traffic it draws. is an excellent resource for authors of all kinds of fiction, as they offer various writing contests and writing groups, and it is perfect for nonfiction writers as well. There are a range of groups within the community covering many different topics from politics and world news to health and travel, plus movies, music and more.

Plus, if you Join for Free now and get 5 friends to join for free, you’ll get the free $20 Borders gift card.

Getting 5 friends or colleagues should be pretty easy, considering it’s free, and the sign-up process is literally 2 seconds. They just want your name, email address, username and password, and you’re signed up instantly.

You don’t have to check your email for verification or take any long surveys, so you’re signed up in just a few seconds and ready to join groups, read articles and start publishing your own work, anything from short stories to financial news.

Here’s how it works:

1. Join for free.

2. Get five more people to join for free through email invitations or personal invite links that you can place in emails, blogs or websites, like this one:

3. Once 5 of your referrals sign up for free, you’ll receive a $20 gift card from Borders.

It’s that easy to get a free $20 Borders gift certificate, and then you can start connecting with friends, join topic groups and take advantage of the informative community.

Join now to get a free $20 Borders gift card and participate in their various communities to earn additional cash rewards.

You can also take advantage of cash discounts at retail stores with these Cash Rebate Rewards Cards and other retail reward credit cards. is an excellent way to earn cash bonus cards and network with other like-minded individuals, so get your free $20 Borders gift card from now.

Thanks and enjoy maximizing your money.

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