Get a Free $20 Gas Card when You Pay with eBillme

eBillme is a free shopping payment service that allows you to shop online and pay cash through your bank account with online bill pay, plus you get a free $20 gas card or a $25 cash rebate the first time you use eBillme.

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How to Get Your eBillme Bonus

1. Make your purchase using eBillme.

2. Submit your online request for the $20 gas card or submit your mail-in form for the $25 cash rebate.

3. Receive your $20 gas card or $25 rebate by mail.

The eBillme $20 Gas Card Offer is good for gas purchases at EXXON, Shell, or Chevron, and your online rebate form must be submitted no later than 15 days after the promotion ends for purchases made by September 30, 2008.

The $25 eBillme Mail-In Rebate Form must be postmarked no later than October 6, 2008, for purchases made by September 30, 2008.

eBillme is easy to use, free, and there is no account sign-up required to pay with eBillme.

How to Use eBillme:

To use eBillme, you simply select eBillme as your payment method during checkout at participating online merchants.

Then, you pay for your store purchase through your bank account’s online bill pay system in exactly the same way you would pay other bills.

The first time you use eBillme, you will have to add eBillme to your bank account as a payee, but future purchases are even easier once eBillme has been added as a payee.

There’s no need to sign up for eBillme, go through a credit check, or provide them with any of your personal data, as you simply add eBillme to your bank account’s online bill pay system and pay for your purchases like cash.

Checkout is fast and convenient, you keep your financial information private, you don’t need credit cards or debit cards, and you even get free buyer protection.

Plus, you’ll get a $20 gas card or $25 mail-in rebate when you make your first eBillme purchase.

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