IZOD, Van Heusen, and Bass Rewards Program 500 Bonus Points and $10 Coupon for New Members

The Bass, IZOD, and Van Heusen stores rewards program offers 500 bonus points and a $10 coupon to new members.

Plus, members will receive exclusive sales and discounts that are not available to the general public at Bass, IZOD, and Van Heusen stores.

Membership in the IZOD Rewards, Van Heusen Rewards, and Bass Rewards program is free.

You’ll receive a $10 coupon as a new member that is good for $10 off a purchase of $25 or more.

All new members will also receive 500 bonus points upon registration for the IZOD, Van Heusen, and Bass Rewards Program.

How The Program Works

You can earn 10 points per $1 spent on qualifying purchases at Van Heusen, Bass, and IZOD company outlet stores.

Qualifying purchases are purchases at any Van Heusen, Bass, and IZOD company outlet store of merchandise or gift cards, excluding taxes.

You’ll receive a $10 Rewards Certificate for each 1,000 in earned points, which you can redeem at any Bass, IZOD, or Van Heusen Company outlet store.

Once you’ve earned 1,000 points or more, you’ll automatically receive your Reward Certificate via email within 14 business days.

Reward Certificates are valid for 90 days from the date of issuance.

Members may use multiple certificates to make a purchase, but the value of the merchandise purchased must equal or exceed the total value of the combined certificates.

There is no limit to the number of points that you can earn.

Points are not awarded for purchases made with merchandise credits or gift cards.

Review these Online Shopping Discount Codes for more savings at brand-name stores.

Join the IZOD, Van Heusen, and Bass Rewards program to earn 500 bonus points and a $10 coupon.


  1. elizabeth white says

    I have logged on several times, but have not gotten what the salesperson told me I would get. I am entitled to $30.00 in rewards. The first ten dollars for completing my membership profile at bassrewards.com.

    Please email me or call me at 516 286 4748 or 516 741 1413 if that’s convenient.

    Thank you very much for your help.

  2. Anna Siemer says

    I have not received any emails. Please check the email address you have on hand and change it to the one above. I’m sure I have missed out on my reward credits. Please advise. Thank you

  3. jan mino says

    I am trying to register for IZOD Rewards and completed all as required and it still won’t let me in. Plus I spent over $140 and I get no reward points for this?

  4. Lawrence Foote says

    I am trying to register membership card E0066217795to e Although I did find a place to put my info I receeved no acknowledgement that I had registered and would receive futurebenefits as promises including 500 points ,$10, And membership benefits. So please assure me these are coming or tell ne simply how I can make this work. as

  5. Ana lockhart says

    I am very pleased with my rewards coupons and use them all the time. Now I am trying to visit your “izodsurveys.com” so I can get another coupon as advertised in my last receipt. I have not been able to find the site. Let me know how I can answer the survey and earn an extra coupon. Thanks, Ana

  6. Michael Landsman says

    I am looking for the site that your receipt tells me to go to for the $10.00 coupon for taking the survey..
    Receipt #0850 01 0635 7720
    bar code #998500177200154503
    I have been unable to find the site.
    Please help.

  7. carol young says

    I didn’t find survey website and never received my points for originally signing up with IZOD. What is going on. I have visited your store in Summter Landing several times and spent a lot of money. I’d like my points added on before I shop any more. thank you

  8. B. Johnson says

    Where is the survey so I can tell you how you are doing and receive an instant coupon as advertised on my recent receipt?

  9. Jean Harris says

    I have given up trying to register. I have put in the
    info requested and I am rejected repeatedly.
    My card # is E0068206044. Very frustrating.
    would appreciate your response. Thank you.

  10. Sue says

    Never able to get on website to register. please send to my e-mail. would like to be able to get rewards that are due to me.

  11. Linda Smith says

    Have not been able to register, keeps refusing password. Dont’t know what to do. My card # is E007133892. Please sign and please respond via e-mail.

  12. mary wattles says

    I filled out the registration form but it would not go through stating that email address was already used and to use another one..this is the only email I have what do you want me to do?? My card is E0078215977 and 611872 I just spent over $100 at Bass and want to register..thanks..

  13. Jeanie Trembaly says

    I am trying to get to the web site for the survey to receive a coupon. There is no website at the address on the receipt.

  14. Christine says

    Been trying all summer to do survey from 4 different receipts, Izod, Bass, and Van Heusen. Nothing works. If you aren’t going to support it, take it off your receipts.

  15. Bernie says

    I am trying to register for the izodsurveys.com link and cannot get to it. Is this the wrong URL being printed on your receipts?

  16. Sherry smeal says

    Can not come uo with your site that works to get coupon/ The surveyeron. Bought in your store in Alberta on the 19th.

  17. Nicole Hudson says

    I am unable to locate the survey located on my receipt. Why keep advertising if your company does not support the website? Will someone please answer my question as well as the other 15 people who have the same concern?

  18. Sophana Johnson says

    I am try to locate the surveys for instant coupon as advertise on your store receit or is there a such thing? Please inform.
    Sincerely, Izods members card holder
    Sophana J.

  19. Uday Mehta says

    I am trying to locate the surveys for instant coupon as advertise on your store receipt but cannot find the site. Is there a such thing? Please inform.
    Receipt # 997620185360156193.
    Invoice # IZOD 8536 dated 10/06/2012.

  20. sharon says

    Iam trying to locate the surveys for instant coupon as advertisse on your store receip, but cannot find the site. I did this once before and never had a problem, but not today. Izod #967 dated l0/l4/l2.
    Receipt #99967024l400l56273. HELP!!!

  21. june fuhrman says

    Want to takeurvey can’t get on .. have 923 points 500 for joining and my purchase were 23.40invoice # 9293 store 995 21.60 # 9294 21.0 # 92956 25.72#9292 I believe I should have more points with purchases and bonus points

  22. D.B. Garabedian says

    cannot “find” the link for the surveys (sales slip promised a coupon as a reward for filling it out???)

    also, very disappointed that Bass & Van Heusen honored the Veterans’ Day 30% off but IZOD did not! These 3 stores are side-by-side in Sagamore MA
    kindly respond

  23. D.Gibler says

    Can’t find the link for the survey to answer survey to tell you how you are doing to INSTANTLY receivve a COUPON… Please help.

  24. angie crabtree says

    angie crabtree–cannot find the website for Izod or Bass Surveys so I can get my rewards. Help, Please. Crabtree@zoomtown.com I have a receipt for both stores and cannot find where to do surveys.

    Thank you for your help.

    Angie Crabtree

  25. Barbara Maxwell says

    My Exclusive Club card number was not accepted for the rewards. I gave my email address and number, but nothing happened.
    What should I do next?

    Barbara Maxwll

  26. Norma Ford says

    I made a purchase today, but did not get the points. The young man said to use my receipt to input it online. Don’t see where I can do that. Please advise by email. This was done at Van Heusen.

  27. Roberta Tolpen says

    have 2 cards Izod VanHeusen and Geoffrey Beene and Van Heusen rewards can’t find a place to register and or put the 2 together. Sould I throw them away

  28. Mary Ellen Bordner says

    I would like to know why. 1.–I received an e-mail from you saying I had 1 thousand-plus rewards—-a few days later I got another e-mail saying I had 0 rewards. What happened to my 1 thousand,plus rewards?
    2. Why can’t I find how to take the survey thats on the bottom of my receipt? 998280143250157783

  29. Ramona W. Arledge says

    I couldn’t open the Rewards Program site, so please enroll me. My number is E0064355340. Thank you very much.Please let me know if I am confirmed.

  30. lillie worsham says

    I could not open the rewards site for Izod. I also have a Van Husen/Bass rewards card.
    Please be sure to enroll my Izod card in the rewards program. o. E0097989669. Please let
    me know is you did.

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