Midas for Life Gold Rewards Card Program $25 Bonus Midas Discount

The Midas for Life Gold Rewards Card program offers Midas auto service deals, complimentary services, and a $25 Midas bonus discount just for joining.

The Midas for Life rewards program is available at select Midas locations in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.

Midas for Life allows you to earn rewards points every time you spend money at Midas auto service locations, which can be redeemed for discounts off future Midas services.

Plus, in my opinion, Midas automobile service locations are some of the most honest and reputable car repair shops around, and I’ve always received great service at Midas for fair prices, even in different locations around the U.S.

Midas for Life Rewards Details

For only $39.95, you will be automatically enrolled in the Midas for Life Gold Rewards Card program, which includes:

  • Oil and Filter Change
  • Tire Rotation
  • Wheel Balance
  • Courtesy Inspection
  • Guaranteed Service with No Appointment Needed for Oil Changes, Tire Rotations or Inspections
  • 500 Bonus Points for Joining
  • 500 Bonus Points for Customer Referral Purchase of the Gold Card
  • 125 Bonus Points for Completing an Online Survey
  • 50 Bonus Points for Your Birthday

Midas for Life Point Values

You’ll earn 1 point for every $1 spent on Midas services, which can be redeemed at the following rates:

  • 500 Points – $25 Off Your Next Service
  • 1,000 Points – $50 Off Your Next Service
  • 1,500 Points – $75 Off Your Next Service
  • 2,000 Points – $100 Off Your Next Service
  • 2,500 Points – $125 Off Your Next Service

Includes a Complimentary Set of Wiper Blades.

  • 3,000 Points – $150 Off Your Next Service
  • 3,500 Points – $175 Off Your Next Service
  • 4,000 Points – $200 Off Your Next Service
  • 4,500 Points – $225 Off Your Next Service
  • 5,000 Points – $250 Off Your Next Service

Includes A Complimentary Air Filter.

You’ll get 500 bonus points just for joining Midas for Life, which is redeemable for a $25 Midas discount during your next visit.

Since you also get a free oil change and other free automobile services, the one-time $39.95 fee for joining Midas for Life is practically paid for immediately.

You can also get Midas referral bonuses worth $25 each as well as other bonus point opportunities and Midas VIP services.

Check out the Midas for Life Program Brochure for more information on participating Midas locations where you can join Midas for Life.

Once you join the Midas for Life program at a participating Midas location, you will then be able to access an online account to view your points balance and other account information through the MidasforLife.com website.

If you’re getting your car fixed, you may also be interested in these Car Rental Deals that can save you money while you wait for your car to be repaired. Enterprise rental cars will even pick you up and drop you off at Midas for free.

Join the Midas for Life Gold Rewards Card program the next time you visit your participating Midas location to earn a $25 bonus discount, special Midas services, and Midas rewards points.


  1. Peggy says

    Dear Midas
    On 3/3/09 i bought a membership for 39.95 for midasforlife, at that time the manager there was —– every year i get my truck inspected there and anything else that has to be done to it. it usually cost me any where from 800.00-1,000 to have repairs done on it and i figured this is really good to get the points, well last year when 12-03-10 when i went to have my truck inspected and i gave the new manager my midasforlife card he said they no longer honor the card
    I just need to know how midas can sell this card for 39.95 and after tell me they no longer honor it. is this right. i’m a little upset about this because i feel like i was taken. the midas i go to is on 22 auto center road,Manchester,N.H.


    Peggy ——-

    p.s, i would appreciate an answer to my question.

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