Moolala Paymatrix Daily Deal Site Cash Rebates and Referral Rewards

The Moolala daily deal site offers 2% cash rebates when you purchase daily deals, plus you can earn a 5-level 2% Moolala Paymatrix with their referral rewards program.

The free Moolala discount shopping site offers an incredible deal from a local or online merchant every day.

Moolala offers are delivered directly to your email inbox each morning or alternatively delivered via Facebook or Twitter.

If you receive an offer that you like, you can purchase it easily online.

Moolala will pay you 2% of the deal value on any purchase that you make.

In addition to the 2% cash back that you earn on your own Moolala daily deal purchases, you can also earn cash rebates for your Moolala referrals.

Moolala Paymatrix

The Moolala Paymatrix rewards program allows you to earn money by simply referring your friends to Moolala.

If you refer friends, Moolala will pay you 2% of the deal value that your friends buy.

You’ll also receive 2% on any deal that your friends’ friends purchase, and that your friends’ friends’ friends purchase, and that your friends’ friends’ friends’ friends purchase.

It’s basically a 2% 5-level referral rewards system, as Moolala only pays bonuses through 5 levels.

It’s not just a 1-time referral fee, but for as long as people in your Paymatrix are buying deals, Moolala will keep paying you forever.

You can refer new members with a unique Moolala Referral Link or via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Take advantage of the Moolala Paymatrix referral program to earn cash rebate referral rewards and 2% cash back on your purchases from the Moolala daily deal site.

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Sign up for a free Moolala subscription today to earn cash rewards when you purchase daily deals and to participate in the Moolala Paymatrix referral program.

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