My Coke Rewards Loyalty Program Benefits Coke Drinkers

The My Coke Rewards loyalty program offers various rewards when you purchase Coca-Cola brand products and participate in the rewards program.

It may not be worth purchasing Coca-Cola products just to participate in the rewards program, but if you drink Coca-Cola products already, you might as well take advantage of the free My Coke Rewards program, because it’s really easy to earn some great prizes with just a few points.

My Coke Rewards is free to join, and to participate in the rewards program and earn points towards great prizes, you just have to submit the codes provided underneath the bottle caps or on the cases of your Coca-Cola brand products.

Join My Coke Rewards for free online to start participating in their consumer rewards program.

Once you’re a member, you can enter codes from your Coca-Cola products online through your My Coke Rewards account, or you can text message your codes to the short code “COKE” (2653) to have your account credited, as long as you register your mobile device in your account enrollment profile.

You can earn points on all participating Coca-Cola brands including Sprite, Dasani, Fanta, POWERade, and many others, and points are earned at the following levels.

32 Pack of 12 oz. Cans = 25 Points
8 Pack, 20 oz. Bottles = 24 Points
24 Pack, 12 oz. Cans = 20 Points
6 Pack, 24 oz. Bottles = 18 Points
12 Pack, 12 oz. Cans (Fridge Pack) = 10 Points
24 Pack, 500 ml = 10 Points
12 Pack, 500 ml = 10 Points
1 Liter Bottle = 3 Points
1.5 Liter Bottle = 3 Points
2 Liter Bottle = 3 Points
3 Liter Bottle = 3 Points
20 oz. Bottle = 3 Points
32 oz. Bottle = 3 Points
450 ml PET = 3 Points

If you purchase Coca-Cola products on a regular basis, the points can really add up, and you can get some great prizes.

You can also start to redeem your points at really low levels to receive some free soft drinks and other basic rewards, so you don’t have to be addicted to Coke to participate in the My Coke Rewards program.

Starting at just 24 points, you can get a free 32 oz. POWERade or 20 oz. Bottle of Minute Maid, Dasani, Nestea, or Coca-Cola product.

33 points gets you a coupon to rent one movie and get one for free at BLOCKBUSTER, or save up 45 points for a free movie rental coupon.

50 points can get you a rental car upgrade coupon at Avis Rent A Car, if you prefer Car Rental Discounts, or a free game of bowling through Brunswick.

100 points gets you a free 12-pack of a Coca-Cola product or a one-year subscription to Details Magazine, Wired, or Teen Vogue.

If you have certain Hotel Rewards Credit Cards, then 156 points can be redeemed for 500 Priority Club Rewards Points, or you can receive 2,000 Priority Club Points for 625 My Coke Rewards points.

There are a wide range of rewards in all price ranges, including clothing, electronics, and merchant gift cards, and you can participate in sweepstakes for as little as 3 points per entry, but if you really want to save up your points for a long time, there are some incredible rewards available.

I’ve got my eye on the Tissot T-race NASCAR Men’s Watch with Black Carbon Dial for 11,875 points, but unfortunately, with my family’s drinking average of about 50 points worth of Coke a month, it will take me almost 20 years to earn. Oh well, there’s always the Proctor Silex Sandwich Make for 750 points, which I should be able to get by next year.

If you drink Coca-Cola products on a regular basis, make sure you Join My Coke Rewards to take advantage of the free rewards program, even if it’s just to get a free bottle of Coke next time you stop at a gas station.

Take advantage of My Coke Rewards to get free rewards when you purchase Coca-Cola products.

Thanks and enjoy maximizing money.


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    My Coke Rewards offers free magazine subscriptions, which you can order and have delivered to your friends or family as free gifts.

    The My Coke Rewards program has a wide selection of free 12-month plus magazine subscriptions as rewards in the roughly 100 to 500 point range, and you can have them delivered to your friends or family at their home address, which makes a great option for a free gift idea.

    When you select your free reward magazine at, you’ll be given a code and the website address where you can enter your code, plus an email will also be sent to you containing the same information.

    When you redeem your code at the magazine’s subscription website, you can enter any name or address you choose, so you can have the magazine subscription delivered to your friends or family.

    I was able to order 12 issues of Ladies Home Journal for 114 points and 12 issues of W for 170 points, both of which make great gifts, and there are many other magazines as well as other rewards.

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    You can currently earn bonus My Coke Rewards points when you play the online McDonalds Monopoly game.

    When you receive your Monopoly game piece from McDonalds, just visit to register online and enter the code given on the bottom of your game piece.

    You can earn 25 bonus points towards My Coke Rewards on a pretty regular basis if you enter enough codes, plus you’ll have the opportunity to earn additional cash rewards from McDonalds.

    When you win My Coke Rewards bonuses, the McDonalds Monopoly game will provide you with a code, which you can then enter at to receive your 25 bonus points.

    Out of 10 codes entered, I received 2 My Coke Rewards bonuses for 25 points each, which is at least enough motivation to keep playing.

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