Office Depot Accepted My OfficeMax Coupon Discount Shopping Bag

Office Depot accepted my OfficeMax coupon shopping bag for a 20% discount last week.

OfficeMax was running one of their shopping bag discounts last week, where you get 20% off everything that you can fit into a grocery store-style paper bag.

This sale included furniture, office chairs, and other large items, so I went down to look at their office chairs, which were also on sale on top of the shopping bag discount.

Although I did like some of the chairs at OfficeMax, I decided to check out Office Depot’s selection across the street.

I actually found a chair that I liked better for the same price, but the only difference would have been the 20% discount that I had available from OfficeMax.

I inquired with the customer service at Office Depot, and they said that they would be willing to accept the OfficeMax coupon for the 20% discount.

I actually had an additional $5 OfficeMax coupon that I was hoping to stack with the 20% discount, but Office Depot indicated that they could only accept 1 coupon from a competitor at a time, so I couldn’t stack the offers.

Still, with the 20% discount, it was worth while for me to get the chair that I liked the most, so Office Depot got a sale.

This is an easy way to get a Shopping Discount if you are shopping at similar types of stores.

For instance, stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s will usually accept each other’s coupons as well as other hardware and home improvement stores.

So if you’re trying to take advantage of a coupon, but the store doesn’t quite have what you want, try to use the coupon at one of the store’s competitors.

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