Points.com Combines Points and Miles from Your Favorite Rewards Programs for Free

Points.com lets you trade, exchange, and combine your points and miles from various rewards programs so that you can get the rewards you want, plus get a free sign-up bonus when you join Points.com for free.

Points.com helps you make the most out of the various rewards programs you participate in by allowing you to combine your points and miles however you want without the redemption limitations of some rewards programs.

Points.com is free to join, and you’ll even get a free bonus from your favorite rewards program when you sign up.

Joining Points.com has absolutely no effect on your individual rewards programs, as you can still redeem your points and miles through your individual rewards program as you wish.

However, Points.com gives you the option of managing all of your rewards programs and tracking balances in one place, as well as the ability to trade, swap, buy, earn, share, and redeem your points and miles as you please.

Points.com provides a complete rewards program management system to help you make the most out of your points and miles from your favorite rewards programs.

Get Points and Miles from Points.com

Once you sign up for Points.com, you can get points and miles in various ways.

You can trade points and miles with other people through the Global Points Exchange (GPX), exchange points and miles between your programs, purchase points or miles to get the flight or reward you want, and grow your rewards balances by shopping online.

Use Points and Miles with Points.com

You can also use your points and miles from your various rewards programs.

You can book hotels with points and cash, transfer points or miles from your account to someone else’s, and redeem your points and miles for gift certificates from hundreds of retailers through Points.com.

Manage Your Rewards Programs at Points.com

Points.com also makes it easy to track balances from all of your different reward programs in one convenient location so you can check all of your account balances at once and see personalized suggestions for redemption possibilities.

Global Points Exchange from Points.com

The GPX “Global Points Exchange” lets you trade the points and miles you have for the points and miles you want with other people.

It’s free to post a trade, you choose the points or miles you want to trade, and you suggest the exchange rate.

You can create up to 10 trades at a time, and you only pay a trading fee if someone accepts your trade, plus the $6.95 Points.com processing fee is currently waived on all trades, so you can currently make trades for free with this limited time offer.

Points.com Rewards Program Sign-Up Bonus

You’ll get a free sign-up bonus from your favorite rewards program when you join Points.com.

Check out some of the Points.com participating rewards program below from which you can choose your sign-up bonus when you join Points.com for free.

Aeroplan – 10 Free Miles.
American Airlines AAdvantage – 10 Free Miles.
Asia Miles – 10 Free Miles.
Delta SkyMiles – 10 Free Miles.
DISTANCIA – 10 Free Miles.
Esso Extra – 40 Free Points.
Frontier Airlines EarlyReturns – 15 Free Miles.
HawaiianMiles – 25 Free Miles.
Hbc Rewards – 1,250 Free Points.
Midwest Airlines Midwest Miles – 20 Free Miles.
My Smart Rewards – 15 Free Points.
PhoneHog.com – 5 Free Minutes.
Priority Club Rewards – 25 Free Points.
ReserveRewards – 150 Free Points.
Trident Privilege Programme – 20 Free Points.
US Airways Dividend Miles – 10 Free Miles.
Wyndham Rewards – 25 Free Points.

There are many more rewards programs participating in the Points.com program, so take advantage of this opportunity to get free bonus points or bonus miles when you join Points.com.

Join Points.com for free to manage all of your miles and points rewards program in one place and get the rewards you want.


  1. Barb C says

    I want to help a friend get to Florida to see her daughter in a national competition. She has a combined 63,000 reward points over multiple credit cards. Seems to be that should be sufficient to get her & her twins boys to Florida. The Points.com site came up when I entered a search on “combining points from multiple credit cards.”

    Can you please tell us how to proceed. Thank you very much!

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