Vibram FiveFingers Footwear Class Action Settlement – No Proof Required

If you purchased certain models of Vibram FiveFingers footwear in the United States from March 21, 2008, through May 27, 2014, you may be entitled to benefits in a class action settlement with no proof of purchase required when you claim 2 pairs of shoes or less.

Allegedly, Vibram falsely advertised that FiveFingers footwear improves posture, reduces the risk of injury, and strengthens muscles, which it turns out they probably don’t, plus they have those ugly separate toes that creep you out when people wear them.

Class members may receive a payment of $20 to $50 per pair of shoes, which could increase to $94 per pair or decrease, depending on various factors.

Eligible Vibram FiveFingers models includes Alitza, Bikila, Bikila EVO, Bikila EVO WP, Bikila LS, Classic, Classic Smartwool, EL-X, Estrada, Flow, Fresca, Jaya, Komodo Sport, Komodo Sport LS, KMD Sport, KMD Sport LS, KSO, KSO EVO, KSO Trek, Lontra, SeeYa, SeeYa LS, SeeYa LS Night, Signa, Speed, Speed XC, Sprint, Spyridon, Spyridon LS, Spyridon MR, Trek LS, TrekSport, TrekSport Sandal, V-On, and Vybrid Sneak.

Just File Your Claim Online by September 24, 2014, to participate in the settlement.

Remember, if you plan to claim more than 2 pairs of shoes, then you must provide your receipt for proof of purchase.

There will be a Fairness Hearing on October 29, 2014, and you should receive your settlement check some time in the future after that, although there could always be significant delays.

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