VistaPrint $5 Referral Bonus Plus 25% Off for Referred VistaPrint Customers

VistaPrint offers a $5 referral bonus for each new VistaPrint customer you refer, and you don’t even have to make a purchase to participate in the VistaPrint Refer-a-Friend program.

Plus, each new VistaPrint customer who signs up through a VistaPrint Referral Link will receive a 25% discount off their entire first order at

How to Earn $5 VistaPrint Referral Bonuses

To earn $5 referrals from VistaPrint, just visit the VistaPrint Refer-a-Friend Program to register for a free account at VistaPrint.

No purchase is necessary to register for an account or to participate in the VistaPrint referral program.

VistaPrint provides you with a personal referral link that you can email to friends and family or publish on your blog or website.

You’ll earn $5 in VistaCash referral rewards for each new VistaPrint customer who places an order through your referral link, and your referral will receive 25% off their entire first order.

The $5 referral bonus will be credited to your account within 10 days of product shipment, and each $5 VistaCash referral bonus will expire 1 year after it is issued.

VistaCash referral bonuses can be used towards purchases and shipping charges at

Your VistaCash will automatically appear during checkout, so you just click to apply it to your order.

You can earn up to 50 referral bonuses each year for a total of $250 in VistaPrint bonus cash.

25% Discount for Referred VistaPrint Customers

You can Save 25% on Your First Purchase at VistaPrint when you are referred by a current VistaPrint customer.

Just make your purchase through the above VistaPrint Referral Link, and you’ll receive 25% off your entire first order at

After you receive your 25% discount at VistaPrint, you’ll also be able to earn $5 referral bonuses for each new VistaPrint customer you refer.

Take advantage of the VistaPrint Refer-a-Friend program to earn $5 referral bonuses or get 25% off your entire first order at VistaPrint when you sign up through a VistaPrint customer referral link.

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  1. Kerry Wilkes says

    I am trying to sign up for vista prints refer a friend program, I have already made 2 purchases from them …for some reson either the links not working or they do not have the proper method to sign up posted. Any help is appriciated, thank you

  2. says

    Hello Kerry,

    If you want to sign up and refer people to VistaPrint, you need to click on the second link in our above article, which it titled: VistaPrint Refer-a-Friend Program.

    This link leads to the sign-up form for the VistaPrint referral program.

    Hope that helps, thank you for commenting. Max

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