8 Ways to Save Money on Cable TV

Everyone is looking to save a buck or two right now. Cable bills can be a great place to shave a few bucks off your monthly bills budget. Your cable subscription charges can be greatly decreased by making just a few changes.

1. Get a Bundled Package:

First place goes to bundles. Many providers offer a bundle package. That enables you to have your phone, internet and cable rolled up into one bill. In doing so, you receive discounts. You do not have to have all three services, but the more services you roll together, the bigger the discount. Often times a provider will even have specials for bundling your services. Some will even give you free channels for up to three months. Free goes a long way when considering budgets.

2. Trim Back the Number of Channels:

Second place goes to slimming down the number of channels. Most providers offer packages of movies for a set amount. Choose a package that has the channels you like and fits the budget you need it to. When looking at packages that have 250 channels, consider whether you would actually watch all the channels. If not, then look at a package you would watch the majority, if not all, of the channels.

3. Drop Your Premium Channel Subscriptions:

Coming in third would be eliminating premium channels. On average, premium channels run about $12-$15 a month each. There are plenty of things to watch without having to add premium channels. Premium channels are just that, premium charges. They offer movies that have recently hit DVD releases. You can rent a number of movies from Red Box or the dollar rentals from a video store for what you would pay for one premium channel.

4. Cut Back on the Movie Rentals:

There are alternatives to renting movies on your TV. The average movie rental is $4-$5. Special events can range upwards near $50. These rental charges can really increase a bill quickly. With all the channels you have already, or a collection of movies in your home, surely you can find something to watch without adding charges to your cable tab.

5. Reduce the Number of Receivers:

Further down the list is the number of receivers you have in your home. You can decrease this, but of course, this means a few less TVs with cable. This can be a small sacrifice compared to no TVs having cable. Consider only having receivers in the main rooms where most everyone gathers. Also, the cost of DVR receivers can add up, too. You can live without DVR.

6. Be Aware of Special Offers:

Watch for specials with your cable service provider. Cable companies are always throwing some sort of specials like this DIRECTV $100 Referral Bonus. Some specials may only be for new customers, while others are for anyone. Specials may be free movie channels for a few months, $10 off your bill for enrolling in auto pay and so on. Check into special and keep an eye out each month to see if you qualify for any. It’s like having coupons for cable and remember, it never hurts to ask. When you pay your bill, ask if there are any specials.

7. Compare Offers:

Shopping around is a great way to save money and make sure you are getting the best deal. If you are under contact, find out how much an early termination penalty will cost before you switch. It might just pay you to switch if you find a cheaper provider. Also, new customers typically get loads of freebies. Some companies will offer to beat a deal if you tell them you are leaving their service. This can be a great benefit to you. You keep your same service without switching and you get to slim your cable bill at the same time.

8. Use an Antenna:

Using an antenna can bring in local channels without having to subscribe to them. These fees can be $5-$15 on your bill just to have local channels. An antenna is a one-time purchase that will free you up from monthly charges.

There are many ways to cut back spending. Trimming the cable bill is an easy way to do so without making major changes to your lifestyle. With a little research, planning and maybe a little sacrifice, you can save hundreds, if not more, a year.


  1. says

    We are about to cancel our basic cable plan. It went from $10 under a bundle to $21 after the promotion period ended. We just got FIOS installed yesterday, so we are getting rid of cable TV and internet tomorrow. We also have the $9 Netflix plan, and with instant watch, it is more than enough.

  2. says

    Some awesome tips here. What amazes me the most when I am at friends’ places is how many of them just subscribe to premium channels because it was part of their original package. Half of them don’t even know what channels they have even though it’s significantly increasing their cable bill.

  3. Rod Potter says

    I got sick of paying over $200 a month on my cable bill. As a owner of a small video production company, I decided to create some solutions that help me save money on Tv, Internet, home phone and Dvr services using the latest technology on the market. I show what products/technologies/tricks that actually work. Thanks, Rod

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