AT&T Cell Phone Plan $100 Visa Gift Card Promotion from is currently offering an exclusive promotion for a free $100 Visa Gift Card when you order an AT&T cell phone and plan, valid through March 2, 2010.

Just order any new AT&T cell phone and plan to receive a $100 Visa Gift Card that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

You’ll Make $100 on New AT&T Phone and Plan Orders during this exclusive promotional offer.

Almost all phones are currently free at, so this is a great opportunity to get a free phone and earn a $100 gift card bonus with AT&T.

The minimum monthly rate plan to qualify for the $100 bonus is $59.99.

This is an online exclusive only available at, and no other company is running this offer.

This promotional offer is valid for new AT&T phone and plans only, and it is not valid on upgrades or phone purchases alone.

Check out this $100 Bonus Promotion for more details, where you’ll see the “More Exclusive Offers, up to $100 Added Value” banners below the phones.

You must complete a $100 bonus request certificate and mail it in to receive the $100 Visa Gift Card.

This original certificate, a copy of your valid packing slip, a copy of your valid picture ID, and a copy of both your first and second month’s bill must be sent to Mpell, postmarked on or before the due date on your second month’s bill, to receive your promotion. A U.S. address is required for delivery.

This promotion is only valid on a “New Activation” and is not valid on contract extensions, upgrades, or phone-only sales.

A New Activation is defined as a new phone and at least a $59.99 monthly rate plan on a 2-year service contract where you are either obtaining a new phone number from the carrier or porting a phone number from a different carrier.

The following actions will invalidate this certificate: disconnecting the new line of service, transferring your new equipment to another line of service, changing your service rate plan to a lower monthly service rate, deactivating the email/data feature if one was required at the point of purchase, porting an existing phone number from another account with the same carrier to this new line of service, replacing an existing account with the same carrier you selected with this new line of service.

It is permissible for you to port your number from one carrier to another (i.e., Verizon Wireless to AT&T). It is not permissible for you to port your number from an existing account in the same carrier to a new account (i.e., from AT&T to AT&T).

After you have redeemed the $100 bonus certificate, if you take an action during your 2-year service plan that invalidates this certificate, then you will be billed $100, so make sure you plan to really use your phone plan for the entire 2-year service agreement.

Take advantage of this promotional opportunity to get a free $100 Visa Gift Card when you purchase a new AT&T cell phone and plan or get a free AT&T cell phone with plan.

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