AT&T Rewards for Referrals Program Offers Cash Bonuses for Referring New AT&T Services

The AT&T Rewards for Referrals programs offers current AT&T customers cash bonuses for referring customers to new AT&T services.

Update: There is a new AT&T Refer-A-Friend Bonus Program available that offers $25 in rewards when you activate new AT&T services and refer your friends.

Current AT&T customers can earn up to $599 per calendar year in cash referrals for referring current and new AT&T customers to new AT&T services.

Referred customers can either be new to AT&T services altogether or they can simply be new to the particular AT&T service you refer them to in order for you to qualify for the AT&T referral bonuses.

You’ll earn the following referral bonus amounts when you refer customers to these AT&T services:

U-verse High-Speed Internet – $50
U-verse TV – $50
U-verse Voice – $50
AT&T High-Speed Internet – $25
Wireless – $25
AT&T | DIRECTV – $25

Plus, you’ll earn an additional $25 when you refer NEW AT&T customers, on top of the bonus you receive for the particular service you refer them to.

In addition, you can earn multiple referral bonuses at the same time when you refer customers to more than one new AT&T service at a time, in addition to the extra $25 bonus for referring new AT&T customers.

Visit to join the AT&T Rewards for Referrals program to start referring new customers to AT&T for cash bonuses.

Qualifying for AT&T Referral Bonuses

Follow these easy steps to qualify for referral rewards from AT&T.

You must first sign up for the AT&T Rewards for Referrals program.

Next, you must tell your friends, relatives, and colleagues about AT&T services.

Before your friends, relatives, and colleagues order their AT&T services, you must nominate them as your referrals to AT&T within your AT&T Rewards for Referrals account by providing your referral’s first name, last name, and e-mail address (optional) before they order.

After your referrals order services, you must then obtain and register their appropriate AT&T account number, as shown below:

U-verse product: you must register your referral’s U-verse account number.

Wireless: you must register your referral’s Wireless account number.

Home Phone Service: you must register your referral’s home billing telephone number.

AT&T | DIRECTV: you must register your referral’s AT&T | DIRECTV account number.

AT&T High-Speed Internet: you must register your referral’s home billing telephone number.

You must register your referrals’ appropriate AT&T account number within 60 days of the nomination date.

When your Referral’s service is activated, AT&T will notify you via e-mail when your reward is ready to redeem.

It may take up to 6 weeks after your referral’s service is activated to receive a reward notification email.

Then just log in to your AT&T Rewards for Referrals account and redeem your reward.

The Referral must be a new or existing residential customer to new qualifying AT&T services and must have service in AL, AR, CA, CT, FL, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MI, MO, MS, NC, NV, OH, OK, SC, TN, TX, or WI.

Referral rewards will be paid out with an AT&T Reward Card, and the AT&T Reward Card will be mailed within 4 to 6 weeks of redemption.

Take advantage of the AT&T Rewards for Referrals program to earn cash bonuses for referring customers to new AT&T services.

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Refer customers to new AT&T services today to earn cash referral bonuses from AT&T.


  1. says

    Would you like to receive a referral bonus when you sign up for new AT&T services?

    Unfortunately, the AT&T referral program only offers cash bonuses for referrers who are current customers.

    This means the referral doesn’t receive a cash bonus when they sign up for their new service through a current customer referral, outside of any other promotional offers that might be available.

    However, we’re willing to split our referral bonus with any current or new AT&T customers who would like to sign up for new AT&T services.

    Simply email to provide us with your full name and email address (optional), so that we can nominate you as a referral before you sign up.

    If you provide your email address, you’ll receive an official AT&T referral email, so that you can see the details for yourself.

    After we nominate you, simply sign up for your services and provide us with the appropriate account information to redeem our referral reward.

    Upon redemption, we will split our earnings 50%/50% with you and pay you via PayPal.

    Just as long as everything goes through AT&T properly, we will gladly split our referral bonuses with you, so that we can both benefit from the AT&T referral program.

    If interested, just send us an email at, and we’ll be glad to help.

    Thank you for reading.

    • JJ says

      My AT&T referral code is MyAttReward
      Use the above code to get $25 gift card from AT&T per service for both you and me.

      • JJ says

        If you are purchasing new qualifying AT&T services like AT&T High Speed Internet; AT&T U-verse (voice, Internet or TV); Digital Life (on a $39.99/mo. or higher rate plan); Wireline Home Phone service; Postpaid Wireless (on a $39.99/mo. or higher rate plan), then you and I can get $25 per service for using their referral program.

        Please use following referral code (case-sensitive) when registering at AT&T referral website: at&t

  2. Betty Olson says

    I referred Elin Walker at 124 Jennifer Ct. Vallejo, Ca. Phone #707 642-2947 to you some time ago and have NEVER received a reward.

  3. David A. Jacobson says

    How do I submit two names of people that are about to subscribe to Uverse? I understand there is a bonus for referrals, I don’t see how to do it on your web-site. Thanks…..Jake

  4. says

    Hello David,

    You must create an AT&T Rewards for Referrals account if you don’t have one already, and then you will be able to send referrals through your account.

    Visit the following website:

    We’ve updated the link in the above article as well to correctly point to the AT&T Rewards for Referrals website, where you can create an account or log in to your current account.

    Hope this helps and good luck to you. Max

  5. Sharon Smith says

    I have just applied for be Rewards for Referral person with AT&T. How do I know if my application has been excepted. After completing all the necessary blanks and submitting my application I tried to go back into the services and it would not seem to let me in. Please help. I even call one of your remote sites (Cleveland) and David though I had done what was necessary.

  6. Harry E.Kimmel says


  7. pedro maldonado says

    I was refered by someone and now i am having trouble getting my rewards cash.i dont know how to register.i was told i would be getting 75.00 but i had to do it online.and i have no idea how this works!!! please respond

  8. Barbara Swiatkowski says

    How do you do it. My daughter told me about u verse and
    I had it installed Feb.4 2013. telephone , compu. and
    tv. How do I sign up?

  9. Cathy LaPointe says

    I referred 2 people both who signed up for uverse and or wireless Internet. The sales person Pete Lombard, told me I’d be entitled to receive same rewards cards as referred customer. After several calls and texts, still waiting to hear back from this home consultant. Owed $300 in rewards I feel I’ll never see.

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