Boingo Wireless Referral Program $10 Amazon Gift Card Bonuses for Both Parties

The Boingo Wi-Fi connection service is offering a $10 Amazon Gift Card bonus for both parties when 1 person refers another person to open a Boingo account.

Anybody can partipate in the Boingo referral program, whether you are a current Boingo plan member or not.

You’ll receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card for each new Boingo customer that you refer.

Plus, new Boingo customers will also receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card when you sign up through a Boingo referral, so everybody wins.

Boingo is a Wi-Fi company that you can use to connect to paid Wi-Fi hotspots on any of your Wi-Fi enabled devices with hotspots available at tons of airports, hotels, malls, and coffee shops.

Use Boingo to easily connect your laptop and mobile devices to thousands of free and Boingo Wi-Fi hotspots around the world.

Boingo New Customer $10 Amazon Card Bonus

Just sign up for a new Boingo Unlimited plan through this $10 Boingo New Account Bonus Link to receive a $10 Gift Card.

You must maintain your active Boingo Unlimited account for at least 60 days to receive the $10 Gift Card from Boingo.

You may wish to check the Boingo website for additional promotional offers that are available for the Boingo Unlimited plan, as you may be able to get more savings directly with a discount than you would obtain with the $10 Amazon Gift Card offer when paying full price.

Boingo Referral Program

Check out this Boingo Referral Promotion whether you are a current Boingo customer or not.

Just enter your full name and email address to participate in the Boingo referral program if you are 18 years or older and a U.S. resident.

You can refer your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, and your unique referral link.

Qualified Boingo Referrals

Qualified referrals are defined as the first product purchase made at the Boingo site by a person who has not previously purchased from Boingo, and only 1 qualified referral can be earned for each referred customer.

Referrals must purchase and remain Boingo Unlimited members for a minimum of 60 active days in order for a referrer to receive credit for a referral’s enrollment in the Boingo referrals program.

The referred customer can not cancel, return, or otherwise void the Boingo Unlimited order in the first 60 days after successful billing.

You’ll receive 1 Gift Card valued at $10 dollars for each qualified referral generated.

The maximum credits earned per calendar year may be no more than 50 qualified referrals.

Take advantage of the Boingo referral program to earn $10 Amazon Gift Card bonuses for both parties.

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Please feel free to exchange Boingo referrals in the comments section below this article.

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