Boost Mobile iDEN Device Buyback Program $25 Bonus Credit

Boost Mobile is offering iDEN customers a $25 bonus credit when you trade in your old iDEN device via the Buyback Program and move to a CDMA device.

If you have an Old iDEN Phone, you can change from iDEN to CDMA and be credited a $25 bonus.

On or about June 30, 2013, the Nextel National Network (iDEN) will be retired and your iDEN walkie-talkie phone with a SIM card will not work.

At that point, you will need a CDMA phone that runs on the Nationwide Sprint Network (CDMA) in order to continue your Boost Mobile service.

If you make the switch now, you will be credited $25 within 60 days of receipt of your old iDEN phone.

Check out this Boost iDEN Customer $25 Bonus to switch to a CDMA phone for a $25 Buyback bonus credit.

$25 Boost Mobile iDEN Buyback Credit Details

To receive a Buyback Credit, you must be a new or existing Boost customer with an active account with a recurring service charge in good standing both when Boost receives the device and when Boost issues the Buyback Credit.

Existing Boost customers may participate online.

New or existing customers may participate in the program in-store at a participating Boost-owned store or a Preferred Retailer Boost store.

The Buyback program is not available at all locations, and it is not available to minors, so you must be at least 18 years old to participate.

For each 12-month period, you may only return 5 devices per active line of service for a Buyback credit.

You may also be interested in earning Boost Mobile $25 Referral Program Bonuses if you are a new or current Boost Mobile customer.

Trade in your old Boost Mobile iDEN device via the Buyback Program to get a $25 bonus credit.


  1. sherrie hogan says

    i had 2 friend referrals for friends for the $35 switch carriets referral program however my friends chose to have it put into their acct. they have it now i chose to have mine put on my wallet have not got mine yet i reedeemed it and everytbing it has already been 4wks the date was feb3rd called oost numerous times still no answer was told to contact you guys thanks sincerely

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