How To Lower Your Monthly Bills with BillCutterz

If you’ve always meant to call your monthly service providers to request lower bills, but you don’t have the time, negotiating skills, or you’re just lazy, then BillCutterz will call them for you to lower your monthly bills.

BillCutterz calls your providers for you to lower your monthly bills including electricity, Internet, cable/satellite TV, cell phone, house payments, insurance, printing services, trash/disposal, and more.

There is no fee upfront to try BillCutterz, and they only bill you once you see the savings applied to your accounts, so if you don’t save any money, then you don’t pay any money.

If you do receive savings, then they’ll split the savings with you, so if you save $50, you get $25 and pay them $25.

They’ll also continue to monitor your services and negotiate new savings before your current deals expire.

How BillCutterz Works

To get started, you simply provide BillCutterz with your contact information and copies of the bills that you would like to get lowered.

BillCutterz will then contact your bill providers to negotiate lower payments.

Once your savings are reflected on your bills, they’ll send you a monthly invoice for their services.

They’ll either split the savings with you on a 50/50 basis when you make monthly payments to BillCutterz, or you can save 10% more by paying your first invoice in full for the entire savings period.

10% BillCutterz Discount

You can save 10% more on your BillCutterz services if you pay your first invoice in full.

For instance, if BillCutterz saves you money on your monthly bill for a period of 1 year, then you can save an extra 10% if you pay BillCutterz for the entire year upfront, instead of on a monthly basis.

However, for electricity savings, they must bill you on a monthly basis, because your usage varies each month.

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Use BillCutterz to lower your monthly service bills without the hassle of calling and negotiating for yourself.


  1. Sam says

    BillCutterz is a great service. I tried them out after seeing them on Lifehacker and they saved me $30 a month on my cell phone bill. My savings expert Veronica was so helpful and very fast. All in all, BillCutterz was so worth it.

  2. Amanda S. says

    I used them and thought they were fantastic. My rep Janice was able to save me $40 a month on my cable bundle with Comcast and she didn’t change my service. The best part was from the day I signed up to the time I had my savings was about 3 days. I would recommend them to anyone with bills.

  3. Crystal says

    Count me as another happy BillCutterz customer. I’ve been using them to save money on my bills for two years now. They are always able to get me on a new customer promotion with cable so I’m paying the best rate. My savings expert is always fantastic and knows what they are doing. They really are experts at saving money.

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