Madison Communications $50 Referral Bonus for Current Customers in Illinois

Madison Communications offers a $50 bonus to current customers for each new customer that you refer to Madison Communications Telephone, Cable TV, and Internet services.

Madison serves the Illinois communities of Staunton, Livingston, Williamson, New Douglas, Alhambra, Hamel, Worden, Prairietown, Dorsey, Holiday Shores, Mt. Olive, Benld, Sawyerville, Mt. Clare, Gillespie, and Bunker Hill.

You’ll receive $50 off your bill for each new customer that you refer to Madison Communications.

You’ll get $50 for each one of these new services that your referrals install: Phone or Internet Phone, Essential and Advantage Cable TV, and High Speed Internet.

You must complete a Madison Communications Referral Form and submit it to their business office.

For each qualified referral, you’ll get a $5 bill credit for 10 months.

You may receive multiple referral bill credits each month.

There is no limit to the number of referral credits that you can earn.

This is a great way to get discounted or free phone, Internet, and cable TV services if you are a Madison customer.

Unfortunately, new customers do not get a special deal for signing up through a current customer’s referral, but you can always split the bonus with your friends, so that everybody can benefit.

Review these other Referral Program Rewards as well for more ways to make money with referrals.

Participate in the Madison Communications referral program to get bonus bill credits today.

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