Republic Wireless Smartphone Service Referral Program $20 Credit for Both Members

Republic Wireless offers smartphone plans with unlimited data, talk, and text for as low as $5 per month with no contracts.

Plus, the Republic Wireless Refer A Friend program offers a $20 credit for both members when a new customer signs up for Republic Wireless through a current customer’s referral link.

Please feel free to post your Republic Wireless referral link in the comments section below this article, so that new customers may benefit.

About Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless offers mobile services with unlimited data, talk, and text for as low as $5 per month with no contract and a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with the phone or service, you can return it at any time within the first 30 days and receive a full refund (minus shipping).

You can also change plans 2 times per month, so if you need more or less service in any given month, you can easily switch your plan to save money.

There are no contracts or early termination fees, and you can use your phone all that you want.

The reason their prices are so low is that they utilize Wi-Fi whenever it is available and offer full cellular capabilities via the Sprint network whenever Wi-Fi is not available.

Republic Wireless Referral Program

There is a new Republic Wireless referral program available now that offers a $20 bonus credit to both parties (formerly only $19).

Current Republic Wireless customers can refer new customers to the network, and both members will receive a $20 credit toward their Republic Wireless bill for each qualified referral.

Both customers will get a $20 1-time credit off their Republic Wireless service balance when the newly referred customer stays with Republic Wireless for at least 30 days.

Current members can log in to your Republic Wireless online account to access the referral program.

You can then refer your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, or with your own unique referral link.

The maximum amount of referral credits that you can receive in a calendar year (January through December) is up to, but not including, $600, and this includes any credit that you received when you first signed up (i.e., if you used a referral link to sign up and received credit).

The newly referred customer receives the $20 credit in their account as soon as they sign up through a current customer’s referral link.

The current customer receives the $20 credit after their referral remains a customer for a least 30 days.

Referral credits can be combined with promotional or coupon codes offered by Republic Wireless.

However, referral credits cannot be combined with promotional offers from affiliates or other third parties.

Referral credits are only applied toward your monthly service costs and cannot be applied to phone, accessory, or other hardware purchases.

Please be aware that Moto Maker and other third-party purchases are not eligible for the Republic Wireless Refer a Friend program.

Review these FAQs about the Republic Wireless referral program for more details as well as their Tutorial on how to refer your friends if you are a current customer.

Republic Wireless Referral Exchange

If you are a current Republic Wireless customer, please feel free to share your referral link in the comments section below this article, so that both you and other new Republic Wireless customers may benefit.

Review these other Referral Bonus Offers as well for more referral programs.

Get a $20 credit toward your mobile service plan with the Republic Wireless referral program.


  1. Kenneth Dewey says

    I can tell you that so far I have been really happy with republic wireless. I have only had the phone for about a month. The one downside for me atleast is the memory size of the phone. I am planning on upgrading as soon as they come out with new ones. I decided to transfer now instead of waiting because I will save $70 a month. So even if I upgrade in 2 months, I will still come out a head. If you have any questions on the service, I will be glad to try to answer them for you.
    Here is my referral link to republic wireless.

  2. Andrew Jordan says

    My wife and I have recently switched to Republic Wireless. The service is hybrid based, WIFI/cell. When WIFI is unavailable, cell service is used. Republic Wireless uses the Sprint network when cell service is unavailable. If WIFI and Sprint are unavailable, it uses Verizon. The concept is great and there are a lot of savings. You can get truly unlimited talk, text, and web for $19 a month for a full price phone or $29 a month for a reduced price phone. Due to proprietary software for the hybrid system, you must use their phone, the Motorola DEFY XT. Republic Wireless will be introducing three new phones later this year; however, we decided to switch now and upgrade phones later. There will be an upgrade path for existing customers. The current cost of the phones is $199 for the $19 a month plan and $79 for the $29 a month plan. There are no contracts. There is currently a $50 reduction for adding a second line; this reduction runs through August 31, 2013. There is also a $19 referral credit; you get an initial reduction of $19 and the existing customer gets a one time credit of $19. My Republic Wireless referral link is:

  3. Ron Festa says

    Ok, so I see I may be the newest member of Republic Wireless. I just bought 2 Motorola MOTO X smartphones from RW less than 1 week ago. I done all the research, I done my homework, I waited for RW to come out of BETA and now finally the day has come to upgrade my 2 basic cell phones and break away from the big guy, Verizon Wireless. Done deal, paid $299 for one of the top line smart phones on the market today and I wont even look back. The phone is great, even for a 1st time user of a smartphone like wife and myself. Clean look, light, and fairly simple to operate. Heck, with a slight twist of my wrist I can command the camera to turn on in a moments notice and not miss any pics of my grandchildren! I can’t describe to you how much I balked at making the switch to RW, I almost went to AT&T due to my 25% discount through my employer, but AT&T still could not match the price of the 4G service and unlimited talk text and data. AT&T wanted $120 per month plus tax for shared usage of text , data and talk. My current 4G plan with RW for unlimited everything cost me only $80 per month for 2 phones. Best part is you can switch your plan 2 times per month to any plan you want. $5 per month for wifi unlimited talk, $10 per month unlimited talk and text, $25 per month for 3G unlimited and my plan of 4G unlimited everything. You get a referral link that you can use to help others get a $19 per month savings on the next months bill as long as your referral stays with RW for 30 days. Sweet, you save 419 and your referral saves $19. So what are you waiting for? I don’t work for RW, I am just a delighted brand new member of RW, so here is my referral link so we can both save $19 on the service:

    Thanks in advance…Ron F

  4. Scott Meyer says

    I wish I’d heard about this sooner! I’m trying out the $10/month unlimited talk & text (no cell data) plan. So far I don’t miss data — I just d/l podcasts etc. when I’m on wifi, and I’m good to go. I feel like I just got a pay raise :) If you want to try Republic, use this link to save (both of us) $19:

  5. Susan says

    I switched from Boost Mobile to Republic in August 2013, so I don’t yet have the Moto X phone – I am not an early adopter of technology. . . . . So far so good. Much much better than any other prepaid service that I have used. One aspect of Republic that really stands out has been their customer service/web access – it is so much more user-friendly than Boost or Virgin Mobile.

    Below is my referral link. It’s good for a $20 bonus on your new Republic account!

  6. Joan says

    Republic Wireless is terrific. My bill is only $30.89 for unlimited calling, texts and 3G dataI . You can even cut out data and spend only $10. Stick to WIFI only for a mere $5. Or they offer 4G data planfor $40 plus taxes. I am thrilled to stop paying Verizon $50 on a family plan with 450 shared family plan minutes and texts cost $.40 each. Soon my husband will switch from Verizon and we will save another $45 each month. Use my referral link to receive $20 credit on your first Republic Wireless bill.

  7. Jung Meri says

    Here is a $20 discount link for purchase of Brand New Moto X or Moto G phone from Republic Wireless Website ( — The $20 credit will show up during Checkout. Make sure you go thru Checkout Process via this Link to receive the Credit.

    Here is the link — Enjoy!

  8. Sean says

    Here is a $20 discount link for purchase of Brand New Moto X or Moto G phone from Republic Wireless Website ( — The $20 credit will show up during Checkout. Make sure you go thru Checkout Process via this Link to receive the Credit.

    Here is the link — Enjoy!

  9. Joshua says

    $10 a month for unlimited calling/texting has been a real money saver for me. Check your area to make sure there is good Sprint coverage before signing up. Get $20 credit when signing up for Republic Wireless with the following referral link:

  10. William P. says

    Republic Wireless is the best wireless carrier start-up out there! I am so loving it. The service is flawless since I live in a city. They should’ve done it earlier! We could have saved some more :)

  11. Boon Joe says

    Republic Wireless uses the Sprint Network so if Sprint is good in your area you will save some serious cash. No contract and Republic Wireless also has a $25 unlimited monthly plan for voice, text and data. You will have a choice to either buy a Moto G or Moto X through Republic Wireless. You will save $20 off your first month service by using this referral link.

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