Solavei Unlimited Nationwide 4G Network Only $49 Per Month Plus Referral Bonus Program

Solavei offers unlimited voice, text, and data on a nationwide 4G network for only $49 per month, plus you can earn $20 per month for every 3 people that you refer through the Solavei referral program.

Check out more details about Solavei Mobile Services through this referral link that was provided by a reader.

You can use your current phone or get a new phone to participate in the Solavei network.

Solavei Referral Program

The Solavei Referral Program allows current customers to earn a $20 referral bonus for every 3 new customers (known as a Trio) that you refer.

A qualified Trio is when all 3 members have activated their mobile service and paid their 2nd bill.

Plus, you’ll get additional income when the friends that you refer also refer new members of their own.

It’s a somewhat complicated pyramid scheme of sorts (watch the video for a convoluted explanation), but you’ll basically earn more cash for the more people you refer.

Take advantage of the Solavei unlimited nationwide 4G network for only $49 per month, plus earn extra cash back through the Solavei referral program.

Review these various Referral Program Bonuses for more ways to earn extra cash off your friends.

Consider Solavei to save money on your mobile network services.


  1. says

    Just wanted to say that I have Solavei for my cell service and I love it, I have had no issues with my service since I have been using it for anout 5 months now and it is easy to get through to customer service if you ever want to ask a question.
    I now have 3 phones, mine, my wife, my son….they are all being paid for by Solavei now and also making extra monthly income.
    If you want a great service and the opportunity to make some extra money this is the company to do it with.
    Least expensive of all services of same type and none of the others pay you on an ongoing basis.
    I was skeptical at first but I am glad I got it.
    Good Luck!!

  2. Rob from Washington says

    Over 6.5 million paid out to members since they started a few months ago. Solavei rocks! Great service. Great value.

  3. says

    I’ve been very pleased with Solavei service. I can vouch for this not being a scam. I am not actively recruiting but I know my dad has received referral bonuses from them. But if you want to help a poor struggling college kid pay his cell phone bill feel free to use me as your sponsor. The compensation plan really isn’t that confusing either. If you want help understanding it, you can email and they will help answer any questions you have.

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