Sprint Class Action Settlement for Early Termination Fees Policy

Current or past Sprint Nextel customers can receive either a $35 check or 30 bonus minutes per month for a year through the Sprint Nextel Early Termination Fees Class Action Settlement Agreement.

If you were a Sprint Nextel customer between July 1, 1999, and December 31, 2008, you can submit an online claim form to receive your portion of the settlement for either a $35 check or 30 extra minutes per month for a year.

You can qualify for the settlement if you participated in a subscriber plan that included an Early Termination Fee, whether or not you actually ever paid an Early Termination Fee or not.

Check out the Sprint Nextel Settlement Website for more details on the Class Action Settlement.

Then submit a Sprint Nextel Claim Form to receive either a $35 check or 30 minutes per month for a year.

Take advantage of this opportunity for recent Sprint Nextel customers to get a free $35 check or bonus minutes through the Sprint Nextel Class Action Settlement.

You may also receive a $25 Nextel or Sprint Cash Bonus if you are planning on signing up for new Sprint or Nextel phone service or if you have just recently signed up for Nextel or Sprint phone services, so check out the Sprint Nextel $25 cash bonus for more information.

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