T-Mobile Free Smartphones in T-Mobile Stores on February 11th and 12th

T-Mobile Stores are offering free T-Mobile Smartphones on this Friday and Saturday, February 11th and 12th.

Just visit your local T-Mobile Store to get a T-Mobile Smartphone for free with this Valentine’s Day promotion.

Check out this T-Mobile Free Smartphone Promotion to get your Smartphone for free in T-Mobile Stores.

You can also get certain T-Mobile Smartphones for free online.

Free T-Mobile Smartphone Promotion Details

This is a limited-time offer on 2/11/2011 and 2/12/2011.

Taxes and fees are additional.

This offer is available while supplies last with no rain checks.

This offer is available at participating T-Mobile Store locations only.

In order to qualify, you must:

1. Receive credit approval.

2. Pay the $35 per line activation fee or $18 per line upgrade fee.

3. Sign up for a new 2-year agreement on a qualifying post-paid voice and data plan with up to a $200/line early cancellation fee required.

This offer may require a mail-in Rebate Card, depending on which Smartphone you select.

Activation of a qualifying voice and data plan may be required and must remain on your account at the time that the rebate is processed.

This offer is limited to specific smartphone models, and supplies may be limited.

This offer is available for 1 device per eligible account.

You must allow up to 3 billing cycles to receive your rebate card when applicable.

Take advantage of this free T-Mobile Smartphone offer while supplies last.

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Get your free smartphone from T-Mobile with this Valentine’s Day promotion.

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