Time Warner Cable Offers $150 Target Gift Card with TV + Internet + Phone

Time Warner Cable is offering a special promotion for a $150 Target Gift Card when you sign up for a TV + Internet + Phone service package through September 18, 2012.

Just sign up for TV, Internet, and Phone services for $89.99 per month for the first 12 months to receive a $150 Target Gift Card.

Time Warner Cable will include free HD-DVR service for 12 months as well as HBO and Cinemax for 3 months with free installation included when you order online.

Check out this Time Warner Cable $150 Target Gift Card promotion to sign up today.

One good thing about Time Warner Cable is that they offer incredibly fast Internet speeds that are available in most areas that they service.

You could also consider this Directv $100 Bonus Promo if you prefer satellite services over cable television.

Directv can also be bundled with AT&T phone and Internet services, so you may wish to review these AT&T New Account Bonuses as well.

Sign up for a Time Warner Cable package including TV, Internet, and Phone services to receive a $150 Target Gift Card.


  1. Ralph Wood says

    I have been trying to receive the $150 Target Gift Card’\.On 8/14/12 they installed the bundle and I can not find any way to get the Gift Card. I called Time Warner here in Dayton and she gave me this site to enter for the card, This is truly a mess, just sent me the gift card or call or write and let me know what to do. Things should be less of problem!!!!!!!!!!

  2. robert strong sr says

    cannot get a answer about who I need to get in touch with to recieve the 150.00 please let me know how to get the gift card mr robert s strong sr already have the bundle as of 8-16-2012

  3. Paul says

    This web page is misleading. they only tell you the minimal concept of the ad. Great job on being dumbasses. The target gift card is for a customer who is switching from dish, fios or directv. not just anyone. thx for making a mess out of things. Far as I know, you also have to show proof you are in school, you know, like college…? dont believe everything you read online. its probably not true.

  4. servandocanales says

    I connected in August and registered but then go online to check the status which says i haven’t registered this sounds to me like its a scam. They don’t really want to give anybody the money and make it real hard to get it.

  5. ripped-off says

    i have had nothing but problems.first the cable guy steals my check n says we never gave it to him and now you cant even get the target card that was promised to bundle pack customers. with the cost of cable we should get a 150.00 gift card every 3 months. they’re gonna give me my gift card….bet…..ill go to the office and demand it n if they don’t well that’s false advertisement n that’s a lawsuit for every person who was denied.i’m sure the news would love another story of scams and scandal that are ripping people off.

  6. Upset says

    I called Time Warner regarding the $150.00 gift card and was told to go to TWC School Saving.com to sign up. Good luck!!! Why can’t they just send the cards. This is a bunch of baloney. What does School Savings have to do with the gift card.

  7. L.T. says

    i Signed up 9/11/12,they tOld me to go too the webasite.This i really a scam.Much athey charge for this cable,you shouldb able to get your gift card of $150.oo dollars.The average person pays more than they should anyway,at least $150,00 to 200.00 dollars a month.that’s $2200. a year.and the bil is never what they say it is supse to be and they alway’s have a story.And the CEO,ie head person in charge sould at least honor the gift card for common truths.s paying customers we deserve that much. Quit with the false advertsnt.its unbelievable what thet sales people do for a sale. WE WANT ARE CARD,AND YES AN USE IT VERY MUCH SO

  8. Jacqueline says

    try http://www.rebates.offerwire.com

    I ordered on 08/02 and am about to try this so not sure if it works, but this is the site I got at the time of connecting. You have to order your gift card within 90 days from the moment you ordered your TWC package. Hope it works for everybody!

  9. Upset and going back to dish says

    This is a scam I signed up online and tried to add another box to the order for my kids room and the order didn’t go through so i called in the rep told me that he fixed it all and put the order in for me with the extra box but when the tech came out the order not only $50 more than what I signed up for the $150 visa gift card offer was no longer on my acct this is some BS honestly I rip off ……… The sales rep knew what he was doing when he put the order in wrong just to make his commission I know you must wait 3 months for the card but TMC is full of crap!!

  10. Mary Lou Hathaway says

    Do I need to contact the local tv news to find out how to get my rebate? I signed up and had it installed on 8/25/2012 under this school savings offer. I left Directv to do this. I was told the website wasn’t working on one end and to go on here and print the registration form. Where’s the form?

  11. Laticia says

    hello everyone well ive been doing some investigating on this whole gift card thing and besides all the nonsense we all have to through i called target themselves and they never heard of this promotion. so i had to email their corporate office to let them know and i should get a call within this week. oh and dvr service was only for 6 months for free:)

  12. Bill Carter says

    What a joke….I have tried several times to get my
    Target Gift Card and no way….bundle with TWC on
    9-20-12//////you guys are a mess….rip off…quit
    lying to people…..in case you repent…send the
    card to: 249 Churchill Crossing, Nicholasville, Ky
    40356 Confirmation: 615-684-666.

  13. Shirley F. Mack says

    I have been waiting on the Target Gift Card for about three months. I am sure this is a scam, because I called the office and they could not check to see when I could expect to receive the card. She gave me the website to register but how can one do so there is not a form. You have to sign agreement for 2 years,so you are trapped. I will call the better business bureau if I don’t receive the card. I hope someone will start a class action suit. This is a very big company how can they get away with doing the customers like this.

  14. Kristen says

    Same thing happened to me tonight. Been on the phone for almost an hour and no two people say the same thing. What a joke! Time Warner has zero customer service and only repeated “I’m sorry” over and over with no other action. We should all call the better business bureau and file a complaint! Wouldn’t even be here if we had no direct tv signal at our new place. Now they know how to deliver good service and cable!

  15. eyora ross gadsden says

    why is it almost impossible to receive the gift card, time warner cable needs to fix this problem, they are looking like scam artist who are just trying to get customers. we (customers) are just going by what we were told and that is that we would receive $150 gift card for signing up, which most of us were doing anyway. so time warner get people their gift cards, including me. thank you

  16. Eileen Taylor says

    Definitely a scam. I got on their chat room twice explaining the problem in detail and printed both conversations. I am contacting the FCC, the Attorney Generals office and the BBB. Enough of this frustration! I may go back to Direct TV, where I always got great customer service. When I switched due to a move, I was told I could keep the same phone #, but then the guy who installed it said no, I needed a new #. GRRRRR

  17. Chrystal says

    I signed up 8/15/2012 and still have not received the gift card. I did call this number 1800-732-0991 and was on hold for 25 mins. I was however able to register and she informed me that my card is qualified to be sent out by dec 15th (which is 90 days from my installation date) I will be very surprised if it actually does arrive by then :/ Good luck to all of you!!

  18. Linda says

    Called 1 800 732-0991 and rep. signed me up for rewards card for Target BUT I have to wait for week or so for e-mail to verify. Well see what happens.

  19. carmellavanrensselaer says

    time warner takes to long to get back to their customers on the phone. we wait too long for everything.

  20. shark says

    Corporate greed, misleading, lies, scandal and misrepresentation to consumers. This is what our lives have resulted in. There is a reward card just like there is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Large corporations know that they can dangle a carrot for us “stupid folk” to “drink their kool-aid”. I know I won’t be receiving mine unless I spend countless hours calling and sending emails, letters and the like. Is it really worth it? My dad always said “you don’t get something for nothing”. Should have listened but temptation always gets the best of us. Thanks Time Warner Cable for joining the elite ranks of CROOKS.

  21. Gary C. says

    Just got off the phone with TW about my missing $200 gift card. The representative re-verified that we were entitled to one and that my account showed that I had complained about the missing card previously on Oct 22nd. This time I was asked to call some third party by the name of Tri-States whom handles the issuance. I refused, and told them that TW needs to take ownership of the relationship. My contract is with TW, not the 3rd party. Not a happy camper on the other end. Sounds like I will have to sue in small claims court to get my $$. What a fraud.

  22. mary middleton says

    I am starting to think that it is a rip off.. I had our’s changed over on October. the 18th and they told me to go to this website and it would tell you what to do…about getting gift card from target..well the very first day got cable have had trouble with the tv.
    the one with the dvr don’t come in the best.. now alittle better.. but the phone don’t work very good have the time… oh well might be going to swich.

  23. Tracey Kimbley says

    Have not received my $150 target gift card It has been over 2 months please check on it and email me Thank you

  24. Karron Thomas says

    I signed up for TW-Cable triple play. I’m in school so I download the info that they requested, however, went on line 11/12/12 guess what they have no information on me. The 3/months will be up 11/27/2012, I am in school and the $150.00 Target would have been nice. What is goind on it is a scam.

  25. torrell says

    please can someone tell me,how to get to that
    $150 BESTBUY GIFT CARD promised by Timewarner,because I got the bundle about 3weeks ago.

  26. diane says

    My TW was installeed on August 8/2012 and was promised a Target gift card for $150.00 but never received the card. I will turn this over to The Better Business Bureau and local DA’s office as it appears to be a scam.

  27. helen whitehead says

    Being trying to received my 150.00 gift card since sept2013 what do i haveto do cannot print or fill out form have been callind getting different info every please advised asap .would like to redeem for christmad thanks helen 919-729-1166

  28. lowell mostyn says

    i called time waner about 150.00 target gift card got the run around told them that i was 71 and under chimo and on air the person who answered said they would handled it after thanksgiving i called to check on the card again this person said i will take care took all the information i told them i wanted to get the card to get gifts for grand children as i am on limted income again they said they would call me back as of today 3 days later no return call beware this is false ad it is only to get you to switch to a lousy rip off service to take adavange of us is wrong i am going to sue these crooks if they do not come through with in one week as promised

  29. walt says

    what the hell/ another twc bs game; pics distorted/soung crap & now 3 pyts and no target card……………..direct tv says told you to stay away from twc………………..i guess fios is even more professional per relatives

  30. madandfrustrated says

    I have spent long hours on the phone asking and confirming my $150 target card. I have been told lie after lie. This is a BIG scam. I have been told I do qualify and I would be receiving the card in mid Nov.I called again to be told I can’t help you mam. I have no idea how this company is getting away with this.

  31. Michael M says

    This is a scam, BIG scam. When I signed up in early August, 2012 the sales person did not even mention the $150 target card, I saw that on their website and mentioned it to her. I went on the site and signed up for the card, uploaded my last bill and the site said it was accepted. A bar showed up showing the 90 tracker. I checked in September and early october. All was good. I checked 2 weeks ago to see where my card is and the system said I did not upload the last bill by 10/23/12 so I lost my chances. I called TWC CS and was told to call the third party for gift card. NOT HELPFUL at all, rude and said I am out of luck. It has been well over 90 days.

    I called and spent over 3 hours on the phone with no luck. Sent a letter to TWC office of the President so let’s see what they have to say. Cancelling all services. even though I still should be eligible for the card.

    Going back to my old service (not the best but 10x better than TWC).

  32. Sam B says

    Definitely not a scam, signed up three months ago and registered for the target gift card. Today I got my email confirmation that my gift card was shipped. You all sound ridiculous haha

  33. Michele says

    Same happened with me. I signed up for TWC end of July. Promotion said I had to stay with them for 90 days. I registered for the gift card on August 9th. Got confirmation that I was registered after uploading my student documents. A few months later, says it’s processing through the link I got in the verification email. Now the link doesn’t work and they can’t find my registration in the system!!!!

  34. Reverend Dion White says

    I signed up for Timewarner 3 months ago and was told to bring my 3 month receipts in after they were paid and I did yesterday and they said they weren’t involved in it!!! My 5 year old daughter wa there and the gift card was her Christmas present!! They have lied and lied and lied since I have bought this service!!

  35. Reverend Dion White says

    I called today and was told I would get this problem resolved to just wait by the phone till 3pm and it’s NOW 3:15pm and my phone has yet to ring!!!

  36. Sandy P. says

    I am fed up with Time Warner Cable and I am about ready to contact Channel 8 to have this investigated. I was promised the Target gift card and have received nothing but a run around. Has anyone received this card that they have promised?

  37. Sally says

    I, too, have been trying to get in touch with someone to check status of rebate. For 4 months I haven’t been able. This appears to be a scam. If I don’t get my rebate, I will notify FTC!

  38. Sally says

    TWC gives the worst service I have ever used. It is necessary to hold on the phone at least 30 min. Before talking to a person! I have still not ever received an answer where someone really knows the answer. WHY offer a rebate if you have NO intentions of sending them?

  39. min says

    this is a scam. don’t change your service based on this deal. they never give you the gift card. fyi, direct tv vcr works far more better than tw and their capacity is so much more. dont fall for it.

  40. Sandy P. says

    I called again today on the $150.00 gift card and was told it had been declined. I asked why and was told I did not register within 30 days of the start up of service. I am also going to the FTC or whomever to fight this and I will drop Time Warner Cable and will tell everyone what liars they are.

  41. Josie Tamayo says

    Guys, let’s do something against these people for lying and deceiving customers. Please send me an email for each of your complaints and we will file a lawsuit for false advertisement. Time warner needs to understand that they shouldnt play with the customers. I still did not get my card either.

  42. Jackie G. says

    I to am still waiting for my gift card. Customer Service says it’s the Reward Center’s problem and the Reward Center says Customer Service is holding up my card. I’ve been dealing with this since July and can’t get anywhere. I’ve spoken to Supervisors who say they will call me back and NEVER DO!!!!!!!!!! I was on the phone this morning for 2 hours going back and forth. I’m so tired of the run around. Now it’s the principal of the matter. I’m going to get my card. I don’t know how yet, but I will get it.

  43. Sunshine says

    I had my bundle installed and have received nothing but the runaround. It was a $150.00 gift card for Target and called several times and never get yhe same answer. I spoke to a supervisor by the name of Jose at 855-2308169 and he has done nothing. If I don;t get results this week, I am going to the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint. Furthermore, I am going to call the State of California attorney general’s office as this is false advertising.

  44. T COLEMAN says

    I had my bundle installed in June but haven’t gotten nothing but the runaround about this rewards: card call the representative but they said they do not have anything to do with the rewards cards called Time Warner cable got nothing but the runaround. What can we do to solve this problem I’m looking at 55 people that hasn’t received their reward: cards. Can we get a class action suit against Time Warner cable we should be able to do something this is nothing but a fraud and a scam. The Better Business Bureau should get involved with this.

  45. Joan Yokules says

    Thoroughly upset!!!! Time Warner says to call Target…Target replies “this is not Target’s promotion”, “call Time Warner to get Gift Card”. People at the phones are not apparently aware of situation. They are helping me get correct phone numbers, to no avail. WHO CAN HELP US GET OUR GIFT CARDS PROMISED IF WE BUNDLED????? I Bundled….received no Gift Card..HELP…….

  46. virginia m says

    called all the numbers the other people did ,including the 18665636312,thi number was gave to me from twc employee, joseph,called left mrssage,no call back have already turned this in to city of dallas ,lawyer,now i am calling chanell 4,this number i have is the coperate office 18665636312,let,s CALL these numbers until something is done,non stop.i also came from direct t.v,@at&t 10 yrs there in good standing.

  47. virginia m says


  48. Annetta B says

    Well i mite as well get in line i was also promise a 150.00 Target gift Card since september first i couldnt the service then when i finally did i couldnt get my giftcard what is going on?

  49. Mary P. says

    Talked with TWC yesterday and asked for supervisor who did call me back after she listened to the day I ordered my service. Anyway, I thought I was told my services would remain the same for at least 12 months. My bill went up $45 this month and I have only had service since the middle of Sept. 2012. I also didn’t qualify for the $150 gift card because I didn’t sign up within 30 days of insulation of the service. Also, it was a “back to school” offer and as I had no one going to school at my home, I didn’t qualify. Funny thing they NEVER told me I wouldn’t qualify back in Sept when I ordered TWC. I did call shortly after we installed our equipment and was told I had to pay at least one months billing….which came after the 30 days. Yes, folks, this is a SCAM… I will be dropping them asap. Think I too will send a copy of this to the Attorney General of Texas myself.

  50. Juanita Martin says

    I guess Laticia never got a call back like she was supposed to. So, I agree with everyone else on this site that twc is scamming people. You want to prove us wrong, then mail us our cards. It was still being advertised on T.V. when I signed up in Dec. 2012. False advertisement?



  52. Angela Jewell says

    I am supposed to hear back on Friday 3/1 from Sabrina Scott at Time Warner. I am doubtful that I’ll hear back from her after such horrible customer service but I’ll patiently wait until Friday since I’ve already waited for my $150.00 Target card since the beginning of October 2012. I do have everything documented and I will eventually receive some sort of compensation for this inconvenient hassle. I’m beyond disappointed with Time Warner Cable. If they cared about their customers they would not hire a non-reputable third party to handle their incentives to gain new customers. I would recommend they get back to the basics on customer service and treat people fairly so they are able to retain the customers they do get. I’m cancelling TWC immediately following receipt of my gift card.

  53. Shon P says

    After signing up for everything, filling out all the paperwork and sending in our phone bills, we should have received our 150.00 Target gift card in Dec, 2012. After many phone calls and dead ends, I finally filed a complaint with the Ohio Department of Commerce. I suggest anyone with this difficulty do the same. This is a huge scam and no one at TWC has ever helped me – even though they said they would. The Ohio Department of Commerce told me there are many complaints that have been filed and the situations will be remedied.

  54. diane says

    Call the FCC Consumer Center ant their number is 8882255322 and they should be able to help. I am calling tomorrow as all I get is BS stories from their employees.

  55. cheryl tillman says

    ihave been waiting on my gift card from target and never receive the card. cannot find satisfying answer why i have not receive it yet. please can know when i receive the target dollar gift card. concern bundle carrier. was this just false advertising. will report to the federal commion at the above number of false advertising.

  56. Dion White says

    TimeWarner SCREWED me on my Giftcard and on a “FREE” installation that I was charged $190 for…They are the WORST company for being the lying scum they are…I spent over 50 hours on the phone with them supoosedly to get my money back and my card and months later….NOTHING!!!

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