Time Warner Cable up to $200 Reward Card Switch to Time Warner Cable Offer

Time Warner Cable is offering up to a $200 Reward Card when you switch to Time Warner Cable services.

Just visit this Time Warner Cable Switch Link and enter your ZIP code to view your special offers.

You can earn up to a $200 Reward Card when you switch to Time Warner Cable.

$200 Reward Card Offer – Switch to Time Warner Cable Triple Play to receive a $200 Reward Card.

$100 Reward Card Offer – Switch to Internet or Double Play with Internet and Digital TV to get a $100 Reward card.

$100 Reward Card Offer – Sign up or upgrade to El Paquetazo Double Play with Internet and El Paquetazo Digital TV to get a $100 Reward Card.

$200 Reward Card Requirements

This offer is available only to NEW residential customers who reside in the specified Time Warner Cable serviceable areas and EXISTING Time Warner Cable customers with 1 product holding who are adding Time Warner Cable’s advertised Triple Play offer.

This reward card promotion is available to Digital TV, Internet, and Home Phone Unlimited Nationwide customers who switch at least 2 services from a competitor.

Eligibility is based upon Digital TV, Standard Internet speed or above, and Home Phone Unlimited Nationwide.

Services must be installed for 90 days and your account must be in good standing.

There is a limit of 1 reward card per household.

This offer may not be combined with any other offer.

Reward card eligibility expires 30 days after installation of services.

$100 Reward Card Requirements

This offer is available only to NEW residential customers who reside in the specified Time Warner Cable serviceable areas and who are adding Time Warner Cable’s advertised Double Play offer or Standard Internet or above and EXISTING Time Warner Cable customers with 1 product holding who are adding Standard Internet or above or Digital TV.

This reward card promotion is available to Digital TV and Internet customers who switch from a competitor.

Services must be installed for 30 days and your account must be in good standing.

There is a limit of 1 reward card per household.

This offer may not be combined with any other offer.

Reward card eligibility expires 30 days after installation of services.

How To Qualify

To qualify for the offer, you must submit proof of your new service and subscription by sending the final bill from your previous service provider showing the service you are cancelling and 1 of the following documents:

1. A copy of your work order showing the matching service to be installed by Time Warner Cable.

2. A copy of your Time Warner Cable bill reflecting your Time Warner Cable service.

Proof must be submitted within 30 days of installation in an envelope with proper postage affixed to:

Time Warner Cable Reward Card
Attn: Switch to TWC
P.O. Box 7898
Melville, NY

Your name and address on your previous provider’s bill must match the name and address on your Time Warner Cable installation order.

The final bill must be less than 60 days old.

Time Warner Cable Promotional Details

This offer is not available to customers with past due balances with Time Warner Cable, defined as any money owed in the past 30 to 60 days, or customers who have been disconnected for non-payment in the 12-month period preceding this offer.

This offer is available while supplies last.

You must be an active Time Warner Cable customer when the reward card is processed.

You must allow up to 8 weeks for processing and shipping of reward cards following the required outlined above days of continuous service.

You may also be interested in this DIRECTV $100 New Account Promotion when you sign up for DIRECTV through a current customer’s referral.

Get up to a $200 Reward Card when you switch to Time Warner Cable.


  1. Edward Shick says

    We went from Century link to time Warner on March 23 and yesterday we learned of the 200 dollar switch and save what all do I have to do to collect it? Edward Shick ,5610 Poling Rd. Elida Ohio 45807 or 419 339 5636 do I get somthing in Mail?

    • Freida says

      I have just received my $200 reward visa card. It is for real. You half to pay your bill on time for 90 days in order to get your $200. I had call them to find out how do you get the reward and that is what I was told to do and I have been paying on time and I always pay extra on all my bills. The reward offer is for real but you just to pay your bill on time for 90 days.

  2. Theresa Thomas says

    Switched to twc in May should have received a $200. rewards card and I have not received. What’s up?

  3. Vickie Wade says

    I switched everything over to Time Warner Cable over 8 weeks ago and I still have not recieved my $200.00 rewards card. Is this a scam?

    • Mtp says

      Not a scam, you have to understand that there is a code you must present to confirm your registration. This applies to everyone, there is a specific process to follow. Go to TWCBetterReward.com

  4. Mark Gray says

    I submitted all the documentation for the switch from att to time warner cable about 11 weeks ago and I still have not received the promised 200 dollar card. I think this is a scam. I bet most people just give up at some point and this company keeps the money. I intend to let this be known on the internet so that more people don’t fall for this.

  5. leticia boowie says

    This is a scam I also switch from ATT to TWC and it has been over 4 months and i havenot rec’d my 200 reward card I’m switching back to ATT and reporting TWC to bbb
    leticia b.

  6. larry cowen says

    I switched in May and had not received my reward card. I contacted TWC and they provided me with the following email address to inquire as to the status of my card; twcrewardcard@ourpartners.com. Gave them my TWC account #, name, address and date of installation. I just received a reply email stating my card will be shipped in 4-6 weeks. I suggest that you try this as well and see what happens.

  7. Rodica Stancu says

    I have switched to Time Warner since last May, 2012and had not received my $200 reward card.
    Account # 8260130231360267.It has been more than 5 months since the connectin. My account is in good standing with you guys, I would like to know what is the delay for you not sending the reward card? please send me an email

  8. Rodica Stancu says

    My account is in good standing with you, it has been more than 5 months since I switched to you and had not received the $200 reward card. Acct# 8260130231360267 tel #214-235-0101.

  9. Gale Williams says

    Cannot even find a form, when I switch to AT&T I received the gift cards, the comments above do not sound good Warner Cable, Mean what you say, or do not say it.

  10. Jill Ridley says

    I, too, switched my service back in April of this year and not yet received my $200 reward. I just call TWC and they gave me this e-mail to inquire as to the reward. Has anyone received an award. I will switch to another company in a heartbeat if this is the way they treat their customers.

  11. habib hassan says

    me, too i switched my servise back in october of this year and not yet received my two hundred dollor reward ,ijust call custommer served they just give me wrong number to call

  12. Shirley Kikel says

    I switched my service to Time Warner in March 2012. I did all the necessary steps to receive my 200 reward card but as of November have not received it.

  13. B.Kinloch says

    I really believe it was bait and switch/scam, whatever you want to call it. If they pay anything it might just be enough so the government can’t get involved. We sent in May for our rebate and nothing. You call TWC and they say they can only email the co, not even they can call. For me that says TWC is not a reputable company. They let a third advertise something but don’t make sure they are doing there job.
    I will be checking out a new company no longer do I want to have anything to do with TWC/Scam Co.

  14. Rudolph Sherlowsky says

    Send me the $200 reward card that was agreed upon or I will follow up with fraud charges. Rudolph Sherlowsky, acct# 004-069063902-001, w/o Apr14,2012, install May16,2012, address: 7175 W. Rawson Ave. Franklin Wi 53132. The time you are taking to settle this agreement is not reasonable and outside of what was promised.

  15. D Hazin says

    Call or write the Ohio Attorney General. This is a scam. Mine was installed in May. When I first called I was told by TWC in August that my $200 Visa Card would arrive in 6-8 weeks. The Attorney General will do a full investigation on the fraud.

  16. Manfred Hey says

    I They were offered a 200 dollar visa card and was told they would get it within 6 weeks. A no show so I called and was told it was 6 months, to check in October. It is Nov. and nothing yet. been left and right to find this all out. Was told the reward was never submitted then found out by another TWC person that it was. Again, myself have been a dedicated customer for over 30 years and if this isn’t resolved very very soon, not only are you, TWC, gonna lose me, but them too and everyone else I tell about this. Please respond.

  17. R Mayo says

    Everything installed April 2012, have received confirmation of all past bills and followed all directions. Have had run around by TWC about who to contact and that I am on the list to receive $200 gift cards. To date have received nothing I believe this is a scam and will report to BBB and State Attorney’s Office. I will soon be switching back to original providers.

  18. S Francis says

    We switched to TWc in May 2012 and was promised a $200 reward card. I have called TWCC twice and was told that everything is completed correctly with TWC. I was told on 09/26/12 that we should be getting our card in mid October but have heard nothing. I can’t even find a link on this website to inquire about the status of our reward card,

  19. connie frazza says

    i was told i would get a rebate of as much as $150.00 but i never got the call from becky from the mentor office i am very upset with the false advertising and the web site that said it wasn’t offered in myzip code plese respond asap

  20. connie frazza says

    i was told i would get a rebate for bundling and becky was going to return my phone call to give me the information for the rebate but it never happened and then i went to a web site and it said it wasn’t available in my zip code is that false advertising? i want my rebate please and thank you

  21. Dianne Fossen says

    Nov. 27, 2012 Is this some type of scam,I was told I would receive both $100 and then a $200 gift card. The sales person who represented Time Warner kept saying yes Maam, this is for real. This does not speak highly of Time Warner.

  22. Jerry Study says

    Our service was bundled and switched to Time Warner on May 18, 2012. We were told we would receive a gift card for $200.00 within 90 days, and have not seen it. Everything was sent in as requested on May 30, 2012 upon receiving our last Windstream and Time Warner bill to send in as required in the instructions to receive the rebate. Called again the beginning of Sept and was told there was a 90 day period than an additional 6-8 weeks before we would see the gift card. What a run-a-round. November 27, 2012, called TWC Customer service, told us to call TriStar, our TWC representative pretty much said do it all yourself, TriStar says to send an email. Responsibility should be taken from someone for what was promised.

  23. Liliya Lorman says

    I switched at April 26. Sent everything required to address listed at webpage and today November 29 have no $200.00 promised reward card. Called to customer service number of times and all I had from them was sorry. Nobody can salve the problem and no responsibility.

  24. Gloria Agnew says

    I spoke to Monica about signing up with Time Warner Cable bundle for $99.99 for service on Oct.23-2012. I was to get a $150.00 credit rewards with Best Buy, but was unable to get registered since I was not given a code. I was told I would get a credit in the mail but I have not received anything to date.Please reply and let me know what is happening and if I was ever registered to receive the rewards and please insure that I receive my credit.

    Thank you.

    Gloria Agnew

  25. joe scarcelli says

    we recently switched on nov.5 from att and were told of a $200 visa gift card. What do we need to do to collect it?

  26. john mcquade says

    I did not recieve my 200 dollar visa rewards card i signed up in march2012 the reward card was part of the deal can you please email me or call 6148713407 let me know when i will recieve it thanks

  27. Haji Haji says

    I didn’t receive the $200.00 Gift Card they Offered me to switch to TWC. I switched witht Tier Offer (3 Services – Cable, Phone, and Internet). I have sent my last bill from AT&T and first bill from TWC to Melville, NY and was told to wait 90 days then check the status online, the link is not even there anymore. I have called them but they didn’t give the number but they gave me $50.00 credit towards my bill.

  28. Selda Hollander says

    I have also being given the same garbage as all of you. Was promised $200 reward by switching to TWC. I complied with all they asked, To date, since July, no gift. Was told by supervisors that they would make sure I get my reward if not by Switch that they no longer use, but from TWC. Now they tell me that they have no info as to my registration, even though I have an E mail from them accepting me. Some supervisors say sorry you are not registered. then when I call back oh yes, we have everything. On Dec. 24th waited for hrs to speak to someone they gave me a contact number and that number does not handle this dept.
    Today, I have spent almost 3 hrs going from from one dept to another that is given to me by a supervisor and also web sites that do not exist. After waiting another 20 mintes just now the supervisor gave me a number that would help me, waiting another 20 min to get thru I was told that this was the number for cable. they had nothing to do with rewards. UNBELIEVABLE…..HOW DO THEY STAY IN BUSINESS WHEN THEY LIE TO ALL JUST TO GET YOU TO SWITCH.

    • ashanti myers says


  29. Jim Leach says

    I too switched to twc and was told I would receive a $200. gift card but have heard or received nothing. I am surprised…why would they jeopardize their business and their reputation on false advertisement? “what goes around,comes around!”

  30. diane says

    I was told back in August 2012 I woulld receive a Target gift card and called numerous times and no results. I am going to the BBB and CA attorney general’s office and file a complaint

  31. Cynthia Marquez says

    I have been a TWC customer since November 2012.I switched from Verizon to TWC on the triple bundle promotion and was to receive a $200 gift card at the end of January 2013. When I spoke to Renee’ in customer service , I was told that I had to register and was given a phone number to the rewards customer service as John the rep who signed me up for service . Gave me no info and said the card would be mailed after 3 consecutive payments. I have spent the last 2 days trying to access the customer service rewards department and all I get is a recording. hmmm? sound familiar ? I think a class action suit should be filed as no one is available to answer questions and resolve this issue .

  32. j gutierrez says

    I just swiched to twc recently in reading all this comments there is a good change i am not getting my $200 I think am switchig to direct tv sooner than antisepated

  33. Sherry Ashmore says

    Tomorrow, March 1, 2013, it will be 10 months that I have waited for my $200 gift card. No one at Time Warner seems able to help, and the phone numbers they provide to Tri-Star are of no help, since I never get an answer. I signed up for TWC because of poor public relations with previous provider, so now it looks like I will have to start looking for another provider. Time-Warner Public Relations is not so hot either.

  34. Bryan Kenny says

    We switched from RCN (TV) and Verizon (phone/wifi) on March 1st, 2013. the sale representative gave us $200 card. It got declined, and no one can tell us WHY?
    we called Cash Card company, they ask us for SS# and phone number, none works. They want us to contact Time Warner. Any suggestions?

  35. Robert Herrera says

    I guess there is a lot of people that are pissed off and upset over this. The only thing that might help is the phone number that have given everyone. which is for Tri Star.The number is 1-888-977-8985. If we all decide to start calling these people up and let them know at least there also aware of what TWC..is doing.There seen as the bad guy but maybe TWC..is doing this and not really aware.. I will go ahead and start communications to this company as well as letting the “high ups” at TWC,,over how they’re running the company and the reward companies that they use..I hope that we can all become satisfied over this terrible situation.

  36. Marge says

    Let`s face it. We`ve been HAD ! !
    False advertising it seems. I wonder has ANYONE ever recieved the #200 reward card? If this many of us havn`t .. how many others are just as scamed but don`t post. I`ve waited for months.. made many calls.. waited for a person for hours on phone.. been disconnected. Promised service.. blah blah and the song goes on. Might as well laugh about it.AIN~T gonna happen. Cheers !

  37. George says

    Congratulations! You have successfully registered for your reward card. It will automatically be sent to you 4-6 weeks after you’ve maintained your current level of service and keep your account in good standing for 90 days from your date of installation. You can check your status at any time by clicking below. Please call us at 1-888-977-8985 with questions. Thank you for choosing Time Warner Cable.

  38. Matt says

    i am dealing with the same nonsense. i did everything they told me to do, only to tell me that i did it incorrectly and now do not qualify. has this happened to anyone else in New York???

  39. Anita says

    You make so many hoops to jump through to get this card .so many disappointed customers .if you want to give someone something just give it! Although looking cat these comments lead me to believe you don’t give it even when people do jump .HA! What a joke .serve you right to loose all your customers.

  40. Bill Mosley says

    Please EVERYONE contact : Top Class Action Lawsuits, as I have.
    If we get enough ripped off consumers together, we can file a class action lawsuit!

  41. vickie says

    I am from ohio and am having the same problem their trying to give me a 50 dollar card when I qualified for a 200 dollar one I’m not giving up I will post it all over facebook and contact the BBB and if need be call a local tv station TWC needs to stop promising things they won’t deliver.

  42. Ennis Allison says

    I bundled the TV Land Line and Internet on Feb 28th and TWC told me that I have a 200.00 rewards card coming and told me what number to call to get it activated. I did that they told me there will be a 90 wait period to see if I kept TWC and then it would be 6-8 weeks before I received the card I done the 90 days and it has been 10 weeks and still no card . I want to know whats going on do you people want me to stay with TWC, its your choice!

  43. Mary Bradigan says

    Switched to TWC on Feburary 17, 201 and was told on May 17, 2013 and as of today, August 20, 2013 have not received anything but unanswered questions, unreturned phone calls, told no supervisor was available, told the card was sent, told it was not sent, etc. Have made at least 40 or more calls and get nowhere. I am going to the Local news in Buffalo, NY & have them inquire as to what is going on. This is ridiculous.

  44. Johnny Navon says

    I switched my services from an other provider and never got my $200 card reward. After calling customer service for about 10 times and spending hours and hours on the phone they told me to call Tristar and talk to them. Well, the phone number they gave me was the same number showing in my billing statement and not Tristar. This is not a reputable company they are liars. They have a real scam going on and I will soon take them to small court and get my attorney involve. My next step will be to disconnect their services and send the to hell.

  45. heston says

    How many times will it take to get these cards…I will not let it go. Its a matter of principle…I think this is a scam… I call and they pass me off to Tri-star and I get put on hold till the office closes at 5PM IT IS CRAZY.

  46. bernie smith says

    I signed up for TWC in May 7th at the time I was promised a $250.00 reward card to switch to TWC . Shortly after TWC hook up I received a post card instructing me to log on to TWC internet and provide them with my last bill from my previous provider to obtain my $250.00 rewards card. I complied with this request. However after several request for the rewards card and being a loyal customer who has paid his bill on time. I was told today that I would not receive the $250.00 card that it would be a $200.00 card. Your post card stated $250.00 your ad. stated this also. and Im still without any card at all. At first I was told it would be sent in late August or early September that past then I was told no later than September 18th still no card now it will be October before I get the card promised if then? And now its a $200.00 card I do not want to cancel my service I would just like the benifit promised. what do I have to do to obtain this!!!

  47. carlos figueroa says

    time warner with its bad reward card . more than 3 months & dozens of calls and every time I call they give me a run around its a game

  48. Darlene says

    SHAME ON YOU TIME WARNER CABLE, I TO HAVE BEEN RIPPED OFF. I Basically have the same story as everyone else,I did every thing they asked perfectly . I made sure to pay my bill on time, I registered redemption code on line and sent in copy of my old cable companies bill to show i making a switch. I was told repeatedly by time warner cable representative that i would receive $200 reward card. Its been since june 15th and no $200 gift card.I have spent hours on the phone and talked to many representatives. I had two instances where to managers reviewed by account and agreed that there is no reason i should not receive $200. But still no card. I AM READY FOR A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT, ITS NOW ABOUT PRINCIPAL, SHAME ON YOU TIME WARNER CABLE:(((

  49. aida belaaffeng says



  50. Victor Witowski says

    I’m waiting for my $100 gift card. I signed up for TWC service on 06/26/13. Shortly after that, I received a card with my redemption code and registered on their site twc.com/betterreward as instructed. After 90 days, as instructed, I checked their site for my reward status. I was still apparently still in the 90 day waiting period and all the monthly bills were paid on time. Finally, after almost 5 months, my 90 waiting period was over but it doesn’t show that the reward is being processed as it should and I was to receive my reward card within 4 to 6 weeks after the 90 day waiting period. I waited one more month, now just shy of six months, and called the number listed for questions. A woman answered, asked for my account number, and said that yes the time period is over but the reward isn’t being processed because the VISA company is behind on issuing the cards. She said to wait about another three weeks and call back as to the status. What a joke and rip off from TWC. I followed their instructions to the letter but they don’t follow what they say, advertise, or print. I’m looking at a sattelite dish for tv, use my cell phone for all calls, and internet via the phone company. Once again, buyer beware of TWC.

  51. Robert Arias says

    I did the double play switch in July 2013 and did everything they wanted. My card was delayed, finally got it end of dec, then it turns out they only sent me a $50 rebate card when I was told would be $150. I called them and comlplained a few times they said they investigated and thats all I get. Id like to know what options I have I would not have switched my internet and satilite had I known this. I told them i guess im going to cancel and they switched me to the stop service dept, I just hung up frustrated.

  52. Beverly Queen says

    Unbelievable! After hours of phone calls from the Carolinas, Ohio, & Kansas, I was told I would receive a redemption code via e-mail and in the regular mail for a $300.00 gift card for keeping internet , phone, & basic channels with TWC . It did not happen , so I called -run-a-round, got the code went to website CLOSED cannot register. Last person I talked with said I would only get
    $l50 until I upgraded & then would get another $150. The reason this all happened in the first place was I switched to Direct TV thru Sam’s Club. No GRACE Period with them, however, I did receive a $200. gift card ( Sam’s card) but they reset the installation date sooner and then NO GRACE PERIOD They all do bad business — They have a monopoly due to the new system.

  53. jesse hunt says

    i”m on ss and i upgraded in june of 20013 and was told id get a $200.00 reward card and still waiting . I”m going to contac the ohio attorney general as well as tv 6 about how u are treating you people who pay thiere bills on time and u still don”t gave what u tell on tv

  54. Gayle says

    I have been on the phone with several different people about my reward I was suppose to receive, the Galaxy 8 tablet. I have a code that I was given and was SUPPOSEDLY sent to my in the mail. I never received it. When I try to use the code it no longer works because it is past the number of day I was to have used the code to get my reward. All I was told is that I had to keep the account for 90 days then I would get my Galaxy 8 tablet. I am not a happy customers as all I have been given is the run around by Time Warner Cable personnel.

  55. M. P says

    hello everyone! We switched & the proof is in the pudding! Can only speak the truth. TWC/Comcast made us believers & awarded us 300.00 visa reward card Spends GREAT! Check it out & reap your rewards on anything you like! Heyyyyyyy! TWC keeping it 100!

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