Coinstar Coin Counting Machines $8 Chili’s Bonus Offer

Coinstar coin counting machines are currently offering an $8 Chili’s bonus when you exchange $40 or more in coins for a Chili’s eCertificate by July 31, 2014.

You can get a bonus $8 eCertificate on your Coinstar receipt when you convert at least $40 in coins, in a single transaction, toward an eCertificate for Chili’s restaurants at participating Coinstar locations.

The bonus and eCertificate never expire.

Just visit this Coinstar Promotional Page for more details about this offer.

About Coinstar

Coinstar change counting machines can be found at Mega Mart and Walmart stores as well as other major supermarkets.

You can exchange your coins for free when you when you load the value of your change into an eCertificate for leading merchants including, Borders, CVS, JCPenny, Lowe’s, and other stores.

Take advantage of this Coinstar promotional offer to get an extra $8 bonus Chili’s eCertificate when you exchange your coins at Coinstar.

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Exchange your change at Coinstar today to get this $8 Coinstar Chili’s bonus.


  1. says

    The coinstar machine screen I went to showed the offer of the $10 gift card by mail when you convert at least $40 so I assumed it was a participating coinstar center. There was no official claim form on the bottom of my receipt. My cash value was $41.06. There was no other information about this on the machine. When I look up participating machines the store I was at is listed.

  2. says

    Hello Kathy,

    Sorry to hear about your issue.

    The one thing you didn’t mention is if you converted your coins into a gift card or eCertificate, which is one of the requirements to qualify for this promotion.

    If you did do that, then I’d probably contact the Coinstar company, and since you have your receipt, they should be able to explain or resolve the issue.

    Hope this helps and I wish you had a better experience, but if it’s an error, there should be a way to correct it.

    Thanks, please follow up on how things go, we appreciate your comments and would love to hear from anybody else who has attempted to qualify for this promotion.

    Good luck to you, Max

  3. Jerry says

    I took exactly $40 in bank-counted quarters to a Coinstar machine in order to get the $10 bonus card. The machine read only $39. I reported this to Coinstar which said they would do an audit when the machine was picked up and if there was an overage, they would refund my money. They also called the store which cleaned out some filter and found 90 cents which they gave me.

    After the audit (I hadn’t reported the 90 cent windfall) it was determined I couldn’t get the amount I was shorted because the machine was short what it should have been. 10 cent loss for me. I can live with that. What bothers me is that had I not followed up, Coinstar would have made a 2.5% commission on what was to be a no fee transaction (I opted for a gift card). I disclosed to them that I did receive most of the difference and simply was following up so I could evaluate the customer service policy. They failed. For a dime, they could have engendered goodwill. Now I can’t trust them.

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