Peer Lending Networks Offer Last Chance Loans

Community Lending Websites offer Loan Auctions between regular people, similar to merchandise auctions on eBay, that allow you to get a loan if you’ve been turned down for loans by traditional lending institutions.

If you can’t get a loan from a traditional lender, or even if you can and you want to explore alternative loan options with the possibility of lower interest rates, you may want to consider a peer-to-peer lending network.

If you have additional savings that you’d like to invest, peer-to-peer lending groups provide you with the opportunity to lend money at lucrative interest rates, but you’ll have to choose loans wisely in order to minimize your risks.

Lending Club is a reliable peer lending network for high-interest returns on investments or low-interest personal loans, and has done over 81 million in loans and is a very popular community lending website in the U.S., but is an international leader in the peer lending industry that you may also wish to consider.

Loanio is a relatively new peer-to-peer lending network that is currently offering a $25 sign-up bonus when you register and make your first loan.

Here’s how peer loan networks work.

Borrowers list the amount of money they need and the highest interest rate they are willing or able to pay, and then lenders bid on the portion of that loan that they are willing to lend with the interest rate they are willing to offer.

When the listing ends, the borrower gets their loan at the lowest possible interest rate, and the lenders get paid off over a set period of time while earning a profit on the interest charges.

The community lending websites make their profit by charging borrowers a small percentage of their loans and charging lenders a small percentage of their payments received, so lenders and borrowers have to take that into account when calculating APRs.

The benefit for borrowers is that you’ll have the opportunity to get a loan that you otherwise may not have access to and possibly with a lower interest rate, although not always.

Peer loan networks are especially beneficial for poor credit borrowers that have been turned down for loans by banks and other lending institutions. Lending communities can offer you a last chance loan if you’re desperate to consolidate high-interest credit card debt or just can’t get a loan anywhere else.

However, these loans will adversely affect your credit if you don’t follow the terms of your loan and make your payments, so it is important to borrow money wisely and make your payments on time. Doing so will rebuild your credit and give you the opportunity to receive better interest rates in the future.

Some borrowers with average credit may be able to get better interest rates on loans than they would through traditional lending institutions, but that is not always true, so review current loan listings for similar loan requests to see what type of interest rate you can expect to receive. You’ll also have to consider the additional fees that the lending networks will charge.

However, borrowers with above average credit or excellent credit will probably get better interest rates through traditional lending options such as personal bank loans, lines of credit and credit card loans.

Lenders interested in making some money through lending networks will have to choose their borrowers wisely and consider the risks.

Although you can get a higher interest return from borrowers with poor credit, the risk is also higher making it more likely you’ll never get the full amount repaid. These are unsecured loans, so if the borrowers don’t pay, you may not get your money back. Defaulted loans go into collection and eventually get sold off or possibly just written off. Either way, you could lose money.

On the other hand, if you diversify your lending by making small loans to multiple borrowers with acceptable risk levels, you can get a really nice return on your investment, but it will definitely require research and diligence.

It’s worth mentioning that not all lending websites are for profit, and networks like allow concerned community members to lend money to people in developing countries that seek loans to grow their businesses or otherwise advance themselves.

Personal lending communities or peer-to-peer loan networks offer a viable option to traditional lending institutions, especially if you can’t get a loan, have poor credit, or are otherwise unable to obtain a loan with an interest rate that you can afford.


  1. Think Money says

    Haven’t heard of Zopa before…

    Am definitely planning to start lending on Kiva at some point though … great idea and cause.

  2. deb says

    I’m looking for a home construction loan to build a home on my own land. I’ve been turned down everywhere else, can you help?

  3. richard dorsey says

    I need a last chance loan willing to pay high interest beats payday loans, can pay back through auto-pay

  4. Robin says

    Med. Retired veteran with monthly income and very bad credit. in need of a home loan. $100,000 to $150,000

  5. L McCain says

    I looked at the sites you provided and they ALL say that you have to have good credit. So where are the peer-to-peer sites that don’t require good credit? I really need to know. I am in need of a car and am between two rocks and five hard places.

  6. jeremy Westfall says

    I need a auto refinance loan so i can get my truck out of bad terms with the bank. Can make the payments now, just couldn’t before and now i cant pay back enough to get it back in the good. Can anyone help.

  7. says

    Hello Jeremy,

    If you’re looking for a loan from a peer lending network, then Lending Club is probably your best option.

    However, you will need a credit score of 660 to qualify for a loan, so hopefully you will be able to qualify.

    You could apply for a loan through Lending Club and then pay off your auto loan from the bank.

    Hope this helps, good luck to you.

  8. Kathy says

    Had great credit then economy hit hard. Where can I search for P2P lender to purchase mobile home and rent to own to me. 24 yrs old,have 7 week daughter getting married, really need a place to call home.3 of us living in a small 7×14 room. Very tense situation.

  9. Becky says

    Looking to refi our home to help my daughter with college. Home appraises of aprox 85k, we currently owe 32K. We had some medical collections when I suffered a stroke in 2011 which ruined our credit, all have been paid, and I have documentations to prove it. (Just have difficultly getting our credit reports to reflect it). We would like to consolidate other debt, get college money, and some home improvements. Looking for 70k loan with a ten year term. Can you help? I have retirement income, hubby has been at the same job for 28 years.

  10. Robin says

    I am in desperate need of a loan of $25000. My credit is bad and I am in danger of becoming homeless in one week. I really need to find someone who is willing to lend me the money. I have a job so paying the money back over time won’t be a problem
    Can someone please help me

  11. About to loose everything/Please Help says

    I am not really sure how this works; but I have to try…I lost my job and a single mom of 2 with their father who refuses to help even though child support enforcement has ordered it.. I can not find work fast enough to generate enough income to cover or catch up on just about everything from diapers to the roof over our head. My credit is not good. 540-574 depending on which one you look at. I have tried cash advances, however I can not pay them back because I have no income presently ,,, so they all deny me. I am stressed, upset, and could really; seriously use just an angel or honest person or company to give me one single chance at some help financially. i am not one to usually ask for help. My family is not in the position to help. I was approved for food stamps, yet that is not going to pay the bills. Is there anyone, anywhere that can maybe pass this along to try to help. You are more than welcome to look over my LinkedIn account to view my work credentials.,,,, in case you know of a job I could get hired for. Right now I am about to loose everything. If I have no roof over my children s head, I will loose them. The baby needs pull ups & diapers & wipes, and my other son, He needs his medication, I have never posted anything like this, I have a fear of being scammed or being taken for a ride financially. So I am taking a chance because I have no other choice. The local agencies tell me that I have used up the once a year help that they allow.

    I am not going to say any specific amount, because basically anything will help right now. I have been trying to sell the baby’s clothes on eBay but I am not having much luck. If you would like you can help anonymously through my Paypal account using my email address. If you want. I don’t know,,,, I just know i need help any way possible right now.

    If there is anyone that knows anyone or anything that could help, please email me personally.

    Thank you in advance. From the bottom of my heart.

  12. donna morrison says

    i am on social security and i got behind on something like rent and i have tried ever where to get a loan and keep getting turn down i have two loan out that i am paying on to try to get my credit up because i have very poor credit all i need to borrow is 800.00 to a 1000.00 but the thing is come oct.30 th 2014 i well have to move over no rent for this month

  13. mavis says

    I need loan for my kids school fees I have tryed everything no one want to loan me money I need 40000 only to pay my child school fees than they can give her the certificate help me please u can take the money in my account every month please

  14. Lahela says

    These past 5 years have been very difficult. A divorce, 2 government furloughs, lost everything in the 2013 flood, got laid off, single mom of 4 children and no help from the ex’husband, I was on unemployment for 3 months & finally got a full-time job with benefits for my entire family. My car has been repo’d & now I can’t get to work to dig myself out of this rut. Can someone please help me?

  15. Jerry says

    I have bad credit. I found someone willing to work with me on buying a home from them. I need help finding someone who can loan me the money to buy this small ranch with a 3 bedroom house and 14.63 acres.

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