Ria Money Transfer $10 Amazon Gift Card Referral Bonuses

Ria Money Transfer offers a $10 Amazon.com Gift Card bonus to both parties through their referral program.

Just refer your friends to the Ria Money Transfer service, and you will both get a $10 Amazon Gift Card after your referral completes their first money transfer.

You can send money anywhere in the world using Ria, including the United States, so this is an easy way to earn a $10 Amazon Gift Card when you send your friend money or refer your friends to Ria.

Plus, Ria is offering $0 fee money transfers to India when you use your debit card, so if you know somebody in India, you can send money to them for free.

Otherwise, the fee for Ria money transfers varies, but you can send $100 or less to anywhere in the world from your bank account for a $3 fee (including the U.S.), so you can still profit from the $10 Amazon Gift Card offer.

Ria New Customer $10 Amazon Gift Card Bonus

Just sign up through this Ria $10 Referral Link to get a $10 Amazon.com Gift Card after you complete your first money transfer.

Simply send $100 or less to anywhere in the world from your bank account for a $3 fee, and you’ll earn a $7 profit with the $10 Amazon.com Gift Card bonus.

You must be a new Ria customer, a legal resident of the U.S., and at least 18 years old to earn the $10 Amazon Gift Card for being referred.

Ria Money Transfer Referral Program

The Ria referral program offers both parties a $10 Amazon.com Gift Card when you refer a new customer who completes a money transfer.

Anybody can participate in the Ria referral program, whether you are a current Ria customer or not, just as long as you are a legal resident of the U.S. and at least 18 years old.

You can refer your friends to Ria via Twitter, Facebook, email, and your unique referral link.

You can earn 60 referrals per calendar year for up to $600 in Amazon Gift Card rewards per calendar year.

Participate in the Ria referral program and please feel free to post your Ria referral links in the comments below this article.

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Send money via Ria to get a $10 Amazon.com Gift Card bonus today.


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