SoFi Peer-To-Peer Student Loan Refinancing $100 Referral Bonus

The Social Finance (SoFi) peer-to-peer student loan refinancing platform offers a $100 referral program credit to both parties.

Anybody can participate in the SoFi Refi Referral Program, whether you are a current borrower at Social Finance or not, as you just need to create an account to access your own unique referral link and earn $100 bonuses for each new borrower that you refer.

Plus, new borrowers who refinance your student loan with SoFi will also receive a $100 bonus, so everybody benefits.

About Social Finance

SoFi is a non-bank lender that connects students and recent graduates with alumni and institutional investors via school specific student loan funds to refinance student loans at lower rates than traditional options can provide.

The alumni and institutional investors receive a financial return, and the borrowers get rates that are lower than those provided by the federal government.

Get $100 to Refinance Your Student Loan with SoFi

Just sign up through this SoFi $100 Referral Link to get a $100 bonus when you refinance your student loan with SoFi.

In order to earn the $100 bonus, you must sign up for SoFi through the above referral link, proceed all the way through the funding of your loan, and become a SoFi Refinance Community Member.

You will receive the $100 bonus after your loan is funded.

SoFi Refi Referral Program Details

Anybody can participate in the SoFi Refi Referral Program by simply creating a free account to access your unique referral link.

You can then share your SoFi referral link with your friends to earn a $100 bonus for each friend who uses your link to refinance their student loans with SoFi.

Only 1 referral credit will be awarded per referred SoFi Refinance Community Member, which is defined as a funded SoFi refinance borrower who has begun repayment with SoFi and who has signed up for SoFi’s online community.

You can not receive credit for referring yourself, including for a refinance of your existing SoFi loan, or for submitting an application off of your own unique referral link.

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Refinance your student loan with SoFi to save money, plus participate in the referral program to earn a $100 bonus.

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