Square Cash App Free $1 Bonus to Connect Your Debit Card

The Square Cash money exchange service is offering customers a free $1 credit to give the Square Cash app a try.

Just visit square.com/cash, enter your mobile number, click on the link in the text they send you, and connect a debit card to get your free $1 bonus.

Square Cash allows you to send and request money for free, and you can deposit funds directly to your bank account.

All you need is a debit card and your mobile number to get started and receive your free $1.

Square Cash Money Sending Service

It looks like prepaid cards will not work, so you have to use an actual debit card from your checking account.

This is an easy way to earn an extra $1 for connecting your debit card with the Square Cash service, and you may find it useful for sending and receiving money for free.

Square previously offered a $1 bonus to try their services, but you can earn this $1 bonus again for connecting with the Square Cash app this time.


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