TransferWise Free First Money Transfer and £50 for Every 3 Referrals

The TransferWise international money transfer service offers your first transfer for free and a £50 bonus for every 3 friends that you invite via the TransferWise referral program.

TransferWise is a new way to send and receive money from abroad while bypassing the banks to avoid huge fees and unfair exchange rates.

TransferWise uses the real mid-market exchange rate when you transfer money abroad, and they only charge a small service fee that is shown up-front.

Receiving payments from abroad with TransferWise lets you avoid hidden bank fees or PayPal charges.

Get Your First TransferWise Money Transfer for Free

Just Create a Free TransferWise Account via this referral link to get your first transfer for free.

You’ll get your first transfer for free when you join via the above referral link.

At the above link, you should see “You have a Free payment” indicated above the “Get Started Now” button.

The free payment is limited to £3000 (or the equivalent amount in another currency).

TransferWise Referral Program

Anybody can create a free TransferWise account to participate in their referral program.

For every 3 friends that you refer to TransferWise who use their first free transfer, you will receive a £50 bonus.

The £50 bonuses will be deposited straight into your bank account.

You can refer your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, or by sharing your unique referral link.

Your friends will get their first transfer for free when they sign up using your referral link, plus you will get a £50 bonus for every 3 friends that you refer who make their first free transfer.

Your friends need to register and make a payment through your referral link in order for the offer to apply.

To count toward your referral bonus, each friend who follows your invite link has to complete a transfer for at least £200 (or equivalent in another currency).

If they make a transfer for less than £200, TransferWise will still waive the transfer fee for them, but that transfer will not qualify them as being one of your referrals.

At a later point, if your friend completes a single transfer over £200 (it’s not cumulative), this transfer would then count toward your referral rewards.

The referral program doesn’t apply for requesting payments from your friends.

The referral campaign can only be used for inviting your friends to TransferWise to make regular payments.

Take advantage of the TransferWise money transfer service to avoid international bank transfer fees, plus get your first transfer for free and earn bonuses for referring your friends.


  1. Mrs White says

    Enjoy a FREE transfer using this link

    Whoever created Transferwise is a genius! I am absolutely amazed how quick, easy and cheap it is to use this service! It is excellent. We use it every couple of months to send euros from the UK to Spain as we own property in Spain & need to pay regular bills there.

    We find the rate superb, much better than others we’ve looked at & the Transferwise team answer phone calls & emails in a way we understand easily too. They are friendly & helpful on their Facebook page too.

    The funds have been in our bank often within 24 hrs (although Transferwise cover themselves by saying longer). It’s incredibly fast to do, we use a debit card ourselves, very simple, we find it best. It’s £1 up to £200, 0.5% over that.

    Any questions email ..

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