Western Union Refer A Friend Program up to $100 Amazon.com Gift Cards

The Western Union Refer A Friend Program offers up to $100 in Amazon.com Gift Cards when you refer your friends and family to send money at WesternUnion.com for the first time.

Plus, new Western Union online customers can get a $20 Amazon.com Gift Card when you send a qualifying transfer of $50 or more for the first time using a fee-free promo code on WesternUnion.com.

Western Union $20 New User Bonus and Fee-Free Code

Just visit this $20 Western Union Referral Link to get started, or you can request to receive a referral via email from MaximizingMoney@gmail.com.

You will get a $20 Amazon Gift Card when you send a qualifying transfer of $50 or more for the first time on WesternUnion.com.

Plus, you will receive a fee-free promo code to use on your first transfer.

You must use the fee-free promo code to qualify for the referral bonus offer and get the $20 Amazon Gift Card.

You must be a first-time online WU customer.

How To Earn Western Union Referral Bonuses

1. Invite people to try WesternUnion.com for the first time.

2. Your referrals must send a qualifying online money transfer of $50 or more for the first time via your referral link using the fee-free promo code.

3. You’ll receive a $20 Amazon.com Gift Card for each new successful referral for up to 5 referrals or $100 in Amazon Gift Cards in total.

The $20 Amazon.com Gift Cards will be sent within 2 to 4 weeks of the successful referral.

Check out the Western Union Referral Program to participate online today.

It looks like anybody can participate in the Western Union referral program, regardless of whether you have previously sent money via Western Union or not.

About Western Union Referral Program

Anybody can participate to give your friends and family a $20 Amazon.com Gift Card when they send money through Western Union for the first time.

You will receive a $20 Amazon.com Gift Card (up to a total of 5) for every friend who is verified as a new customer and sends $50 or more using the fee-free promo code that you send them.

You can register for the program and send invitations to your family and friends using email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Eligible referees are your friends who haven’t yet sent money through WesternUnion.com and who sign up at WesternUnion.com and send $50 or more with the promo code that is provided.

You’ll earn an Amazon.com Gift Card when 1 of your referred friends sends $50 or more using the fee-free promo code.

You’ll get your gift card within 2 to 4 weeks after Western Union confirms that one of your friends sent $50 or more for the first time using WesternUnion.com and used the promo code provided.

The promo code is a unique identifier that helps Western Union confirm your friend sent money because of your referral, so using the promo code is mandatory to be eligible for the reward.

Your friend has 90 days to redeem their promo code.

Your Amazon.com Gift Card will be sent by Western Union through SocialTwist to the email address you provided when you signed up for the program.

You can’t refer yourself or a family member who resides at your address, but you can refer family members who don’t live with you.

Please feel free to exchange Western Union referrals in the comments section below this article.

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  1. Tobias says

    I just used this to send $50 from my bank account to itself with no fee. we’ll see if I get the $20 gift card

  2. Bruno says

    Tobias … it clearly say’s
    “You can’t refer yourself or a family member who resides at your address, but you can refer family members who don’t live with you.”

    • says

      Hello hEMANT,

      The information provided in this article is not false, as I have personally received an Amazon Gift Card from Western Union from this offer.

      However, it does take a couple of weeks to receive the gift cards, so you may just not have received it yet.

      I haven’t dealt with their customer service, but I wish you the best of luck in getting your reward.

      Thanks, Max

  3. Nikhil says

    I agree that their customer care is pathetic. They don’t even know that such promotional offer is going on.

    It’s been 5 weeks since my transaction was paid out and I still have not received the gift card.

    Do they really take this much time to send the gift card?


  4. TL says

    4 weeks after I did the new customer transaction promo, with no gift card being received, I called customer service, spent over an hour with CSR and then her supervisor. They eventually told me I did not qualify for the gift card because I was not initially referred by someone else even though E-mail promo/link states that I only needed to do one transaction as a new customer. The supervisor claimed E-mail was misleading and either: I needed to be referred by someone else first or the recipient of my transaction must also do a transaction to a third party in order to qualify for the gift card, but to qualify that way, I had to enroll thru the referral promo link, not the new customer promo link. Either way, Supervisor said she could not honor the promo because its computer issued. Total waste of my time and effort. I believe WU was deceitful. Beware!

  5. Sasha Holmes says

    I’ve sent two people the referral link, and had them send me $51 using the promo code they got. But neither of us have gotten any contact with WU about successfully qualifying. Has anyone else? Also, I believe you put they’re supposed to paste the promo code from your email into the box on the first page of the form the fill out when sending money, called “Promo discount code.” That’s the only spot for it that I see — but what’s weird is the “discount” part of the box’s label. I’m assuming this box is also used when they’re not running this special promotion, for example with codes you have to discount the sending fee. Confused…

  6. brooklynbeauty says

    They promo code for the payment discount on here is no longer accepted. I try getting another and it told me I already have one. But the one i have is no longer accepted. Don’t waste your time with this.

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