Xoom $25 Refer A Friend Bonus for Both Parties for Xoom Money Transfer Service

The Xoom money transfer service now offers a $25 bonus for both parties through the Xoom Refer A Friend program, which is an increase from the previous $15 bonus.

Just join via this Xoom $25 Bonus Link to receive a $25 bonus after your first successful transaction of $100 or more (click “Send money to…” and select a country to see the $25 referral bonus displayed on a banner).

Xoom allows you to send money online to friends and family in 30 different countries with low fees and locked-in exchange rates.

You’ll receive a $25 bonus reward for every friend that you refer who sends money with Xoom.

Plus, your friends will get a $25 bonus when they sign up through your referral link, so everybody wins with the Xoom referral program.

Xoom $25 New Transfer Bonus

Sign up through this Xoom $25 New Account Bonus Link to receive a $25 reward when you send money via Xoom.

You can click on the “Send money to…” button at the above referral link and select a country in order to see the $25 promotional banner displayed, and then you can choose to either send money or sign up for an account, but either way, you will earn the $25 bonus once you send $100 or more.

You must complete your first successful transaction of $100 or more in order to qualify for the $25 bonus.

New members will receive a $25 electronic gift code that is redeemable online at Amazon.com.

You must send money through Xoom after clicking on the above referral link in order to qualify for the $25 bonus.

You will receive the $25 gift code in an email within 10 business days after the successful completion of your first money transfer of $100 or more.

Please note that when you click on the above referral link and then click on the “Send money to…” button, you will see a banner that displays the referral bonus promotion.

Xoom Refer A Friend Program Details

Check out the Xoom Referral Program to earn a $25 bonus for each friend that you refer to Xoom.

You don’t actually have to be a Xoom customer in order to participate in the Xoom referral program.

You can refer your friends via Facebook, Twitter, email, or your unique referral link.

The referring party has the option to pick a $25 gift code that is redeemable online at Walmart.com, Amazon.com, and other stores, whereas the new member can only receive the Amazon reward.

If your referrals sign up, send money, and the recipient receives the money, you will have successfully generated a referral.

You can refer as many friends as you want, and you will earn a $25 reward for each friend that you refer who completes their first Xoom transaction.

You may not refer members of your family if they live in the same household with you.

Your referrals can not transfer money to you in order to qualify for this promotion.

The Xoom referral program originally offered a $25 bonus, but then it decreased to $15, so I’m happy to see that it has once again been increased to $25 for both parties.

Take advantage of the Xoom referral program to earn $25 bonus rewards for both parties.

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Please feel free to exchange Xoom referrals in the comments section below this article.


  1. Bill says

    As for the WePay Referral Program mentioned in this post, please be aware that it was discontinued on March 21, 2012 as per this communication I received from Jackie at WePay: We did discontinue the referral program on March 21, but we will continue to honor eligible referrals that were signed up before this cut-off.

  2. says

    Hello Bill,

    Thank you very much for that update. I also just confirmed this information with WePay customer service via their online chat form.

    I’ve updated the link in the above article.

    I appreciate your help. Max

  3. Mantra says

    Worked fine and got Amazon GC in 10 days after transfer. Use code “CRUZ” for free money transfer first time.

  4. says

    I received this email update about an enhanced system for accessing the Xoom referral program:

    Thank you for being part of the Xoom Refer a Friend program. We’re excited to tell you that as of June 19, 2012, your experience will be easier and more secure than ever.

    No more Xoom Refer a Friend passwords.

    Just enter the email address when you visit the Xoom Refer a Friend home page you used when you first signed up for the Xoom Refer a Friend program.

    We will then send you a unique verification code valid for that session to view your rewards.

    An easier and more secure way to use Xoom Refer a Friend.

    For added security, you will prompted to enter a “verification code” when you want to see the status of your referrals. Just follow these three easy steps:

    1. Click “Request code.”

    2. Check your email, copy the unique verification code that will have been sent to you, and paste it into the dashboard to see your stats.

    3. Check your rewards just by clicking “Rewards Earned” or check your referral statuses by clicking “More.”

    Come back any time to share again and earn more rewards! Thanks for being part of the Xoom Refer-a-Friend program.

  5. Kumar says

    I am using xoom since 2010 and never had any issue.. I use to send money to INDIA. I understand xoom give few cents less then other service provider but there are few advantage :-

    1. Receive money in 24 hour..
    2. locked rates..
    3. great service ( as per me) as I or any of my friend has no issue in last 2 year.. not sure about other country..

    I personally recommend using xoom, rest all its your decision


  6. Sri says

    Hi, Xoom is one the best services for transferring money to India.Please reply to me if you need xoom referral to get $25 amazon gift card when you open new xoom account.

  7. Shreya says

    It is very easy to earn extra $25 Amazon eGift card on your first money transfer through Xoom. Use below referral link when you sign up.

    Referral link:

    1) Click the above referral link

    2) It will take you a xoom.com home page, register by clicking “Sign Up Now for FREE”

    3) Complete the sign up form.

    4) After you sign up, you just need to do the transfer to qualify for the referral bonus.

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