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Lending Club Sign-Up Bonus Offer for Peer Lending Network

The Lending Club peer lending network is currently offering a sign-up bonus when you join Lending Club as a new lender member.

Sign up for the Lending Club Promotional Bonus now to earn a cash bonus when you join Lending Club as a lender.

Once you become a Lending Club member, you can refer new members to earn additional Lending Club bonus cash.

Read our full Lending Club Referral Bonus Review for more details on this Lending Club bonus cash offer.

Virgin Mobile Referral Bonuses for Free Cell Phone Minutes

Get 60 bonus minutes from Virgin Mobile through the Kickbacks referral program or the Pass It On cell phone recycling plan.

Both you and your referrals will earn 60 minutes each when you refer new members through the Virgin Mobile Kickbacks program, or you and a new member can also receive 60 bonus minutes each when you provide them with your old cell phone through the Pass It On program.

Learn more about these Virgin Mobile Bonus Minute Plans and provide your contact information in our comments section to connect with other Virgin Mobile users to earn free bonus minutes from Virgin Mobile.

Budget Truck Rentals $50 American Express Rewards Card Bonus

Get a free $50 American Express rewards card bonus from Budget Truck Rentals when you pay for a one-way truck rental with any American Express credit card and complete the rental by April 30, 2009.

Visit Budget Truck Rentals to get your free $50 AMEX rewards card when you complete a one-way truck rental, whether you travel across the country or just drop the truck off in the next town.

Save money when moving with this Budget Truck Rental Bonus Offer.

Lexington Law Couple’s Discount $50 Off Credit Repair Set-Up Fee for Spouses

Get a $50 Lexington Law discount when both you and your spouse sign up for Lexington Law credit repair services.

Lexington Law offers a Couple’s Discount that provides a $50 discount off the set-up fee for your spouse’s account when you both sign up for credit repair services from Lexington Law.

Read our full article to learn how to take advantage of Lexington Law’s Couple’s Discount.