Chase Commuter Cash up to $50 Bonus with Chase Credit Card or Debit Card

Chase Commuter Cash is currently offering up to $50 in cash bonuses when you use public transportation around the New York City and New Jersey area and pay with your Chase credit card or debit card, valid through May 15, 2010.

Learn more about earning this $50 Chase Commuter Cash Bonus.

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Sears Credit Card $15 Shopping Bonus Discount Offer

You’ll get up to a $15 cash back bonus when you receive instant approval for a Sears credit card and make your first purchase the same day at your local Sears store.

Find out how to get your $15 Sears Credit Card Bonus when you shop at Sears stores today.

Check out these Sears Discount Codes for savings when you shop online at

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Independent Bank Checking Free Timex Thermometer and Referral Program

Independent Bank is currently offering a free Timex Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer when you open a new checking account, or when you refer a friend to open a new checking account if you are a current Independent Bank customer, valid through April 29, 2010, for customers in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.

If you live in Michigan, take advantage of this Independent Bank Promotional Offer to get a free Timex Thermometer with Independent Bank checking.

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Sallie Mae Online High-Yield Savings Account with 10% Upromise College Savings Bonus

The Sallie Mae Online High-Yield Savings Account is offering a 10% annual matching bonus when you link your Sallie Mae savings account to your Upromise college savings account and meet the qualifications.

Learn how to earn your 10% Matching Upromise Funds from Sallie Mae.

Find out how to get free college savings with the Upromise College Rebate Program.

You may also be interested in this $50 Upromise Card Bonus when you open a Upromise credit card account.

SogoTrade Account 100 Free Trades Promotion and $100 Account Transfer Reimbursement

SogoTrade is currently offering a promotion for 100 Free Trades when you open a new SogoTrade account with a minimum of $500, plus you can receive up to $100 in account reimbursements when you transfer your current brokerage account to SogoTrade.

Learn how to take advantage of these SogoTrade Brokerage Account Promotional Offers today when you trade online with SogoTrade.

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OptionsHouse 100 Free Trades Promotion for 100 free online trades with OptionsHouse.

ShareBuilder $50 Account Bonus when you open a new online trading account from ShareBuilder.

OptionsXpress $100 New Account Bonus for opening a new OptionsXpress account.

TradeKing $150 Account Transfer Bonus when you switch from your current brokerage account to TradeKing.

US Bank START Program $100 Bonus Offer for Banking Packages

The U.S. Bank S.T.A.R.T. program is offering up to $100 in free cash bonuses when you enroll your current or new U.S. Bank Package Checking account and make qualifying transfers to your U.S. Bank Package Money Market Savings account.

Enroll for your U.S. Bank S.T.A.R.T. $100 Bonus Offer with U.S. Bank Package Checking accounts.

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