LifeLock Contest for Trip to The Celebrity Apprentice Finale in NYC

LifeLock will be featured on The Celebrity Apprentice this Sunday, April 12th, and you can enter for a chance to win a trip to The Celebrity Apprentice Finale in New York City on May 10th when you sign up for LifeLock identity theft protection services by April 22nd.

LifeLock featured on NBC – Get Identity Theft Protection and enter to win a trip to The Celebrity Apprentice Finale.

Enter the LifeLock Celebrity Apprentice Giveaway today when you sign up for LifeLock identity theft prevention services.

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Pertuity Direct Peer Lending Network Offers Low Rates and High Returns

The Pertuity Direct peer lending network offers low interest rates for borrowers with good credit and high returns for lenders with less risks on their investments.

Pertuity Direct accepts borrowers with FICO credit scores of 660 or higher, which allows them to provide lower interest rates for borrowers and less risk for lenders, plus there’s no bidding on loans, so you’ll automatically receive funding when you are approved for your loan.

Pertuity Direct allows lenders to invest in a mutual fund that serves as the overall funding pool for all Pertuity Direct borrowers, which reduces the risk of investing in individual loans and provides lenders with quarterly access to your funds without having to wait for borrowers to pay back their individual loans.

Read our Pertuity Direct Review for more details on the Pertuity Direct peer-to-peer lending network.