Coinbase Bitcoin Wallet Referral Program $5 BTC Bonus

The Coinbase referral program offers both new and current users $5 worth of free BTC when you each complete a Bitcoin purchase or sale of at least $100 worth of BTC.

Plus, select college students can get $10 of free Bitcoin when you join Coinbase with your .edu email address today.

About Coinbase Digital Wallet

Coinbase is an international digital wallet that allows you to securely buy, use, and accept Bitcoin currency.

You simply connect your bank account with Coinbase to start buying and selling Bitcoin, which you can send to anyone in the world just like you would an email.

It’s free to create a Coinbase digital wallet, plus you can get $5 worth of BTC for free through the Coinbase referral program.

Coinbase $5 Referral Program Bonuses

The Coinbase referral program lets both you and your referrals earn free Bitcoin.

When a current Coinbase user refers a new user, you will both receive $5 worth of BTC from Coinbase after you have each completed a Bitcoin purchase or sale for at least $100 worth of BTC.

New Coinbase users can sign up through this Coinbase $5 Referral Link to earn $5 worth of Bitcoin when you buy or sell $100 or more of Bitcoin via Coinbase.

There is no limit to the number of friends that you can refer to Coinbase once you become a member.

The referral bonuses are only paid if the new user verifies the new Coinbase account and completes a buy or sell of at least $100 worth of BTC.

The $5 payout will usually arrive within 10 minutes of completing the qualifying transaction, but it may take longer.

You can learn more about the Coinbase Referral Program on this page, which includes a direct link to the referrals page on (you must be logged in to your Coinbase account to access the referrals page).

Please feel free to share your Coinbase referral links in the comments section below this article.

$10 Free Bitcoin for College Students from Coinbase

Coinbase is also offering $10 of Free BTC for College Students who create a new Coinbase account using your .edu email address.

Plus, college students who refer others at your school will get $1 for each person referred, and the new student users will also get the $10 free Bitcoin bonus for signing up with a qualifying .edu email address, so everybody wins.

It’s important to note that recipients of this free Bitcoin offer are ineligible for referee bonuses provided in other Coinbase promotions, like the standard referral program offer.

This offer is good for select .edu domains only, which generally includes the top 500 universities worldwide, but may not include all schools.

$1 Free Bitcoin and $1 Referrals from Bonafide via Coinbase, which is the trust and reputation platform for Bitcoin, is also offering $1 in free Bitcoin when you sign up using Facebook and Coinbase.

You’ll get $1 when you sign up using Facebook and Coinbase via this Bonafide Refer 25 Program Referral Link (the Referral Code NWhjGm3fw will appear in the appropriate field when you click the “Sign Up Now” button).

Plus, you’ll get $1 for each Facebook friend that signs up using your referral link for up to $25 worth of Bitcoins.

There is no purchase necessary for this promotion.

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