3 Websites That Offer Free Samples for Consumer Feedback

If you have some extra time on your hands and you would like to explore a variety of new products, there are 3 free websites available that will provide you with free samples of products in exchange for your consumer feedback.

All you have to do is give your honest opinions about the products they send you, and you’ll be able to try the latest products for free.

Just join these free website services to become a product sampler today.


PINCHme is free to join, and you just have to create a member profile to get started.

Each week, PINCHme will show you a variety of sample products from which you can choose, and you can then provide feedback after you get your samples.

Based on the products you choose and your profile, retailers can identify their target audience, and they can improve their products based on your feedback.


Smiley360 is free to join, and you’ll then receive brief surveys to see if you qualify to participate in their “Missions,” for which you’ll receive free products in exchange for providing feedback.

The better job you do at providing feedback, the better Missions you will receive in the future.


Crowdtap is free to join, and you’ll then get free product samples when you answer a few questions about various product brands.

You can also earn points and participate for the chance to win gift cards each month.

Try out these free websites to get some new products for free.

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