BK Rewards Free Whopper or Menu Item Promotion from Burger King

The new BK Rewards program is offering a free Whopper sandwich or any other individual menu item when you sign up today.

Updated 1/23/2014: This offer now provides 50 BK Crowns, which is good for a free Whopper Sandwich or any other individual menu item, when you sign up and spend $5 through Burger King Rewards.

Just register to get your 50 BK Crowns, which is enough for a free Whopper or other menu items.

After you register and receive your 50 BK Crowns, you can redeem them at the cashier for your free menu item using your phone number, the mobile app, or a BK Crown Card.

Plus, once you’re a member, you’ll earn BK Crowns with every purchase and receive special coupons toward Burger King savings.

You can use your BK Crowns for free food items and take advantage of special offers at Burger King.

Check out this BK Rewards Promo to register now.

Please note that entering a BK Crown Card number or downloading the mobile app is not required to register, and you can redeem your free 50 BK Crowns by simply providing your phone number at the cashier.

How To Earn BK Crowns

You’ll earn 1 BK Crown for every $1 you spend at Burger King restaurants.

If you pay with your BK Crown Card, you’ll receive 20% more BK Crowns.

25 BK Crowns can be redeemed for any small beverage including smoothies and frappes.

50 BK Crowns can be redeemed for any individual item on the menu.

75 BK Crowns can be redeemed for any sized combo meal.

You can redeem BK Crowns at the register by using the mobile app, your BK Crown Card, or your phone number.

Just tell the cashier what you are redeeming.

If you do use the mobile app, don’t forget to check out the Coupons tab, where you’ll find special Burger King coupons for added savings.

You can also print coupons through your online BK Rewards account.

Get more Fast-Food Coupons for savings at a variety of restaurants.

Sign up for the new BK Rewards program to get a free Whopper or other menu item for free.


  1. Rebecca says

    I read somewhere on your site that the offer of a free whopper with a signup was only available in Maryland. Is that correct? I live in NC.

  2. diana martinez says

    I think this is all promotional lies, since I have been trying over already one hour trying to register this card that Burger King gave me.,. ALL LIES> if I a m incorrect you should reply. even by phone. listening to promotional music and not even one human being to help me.

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