Get a FREE WHOPPER Every Time You Eat at Burger King

Burger King is currently offering a free Whopper Sandwich or Original Chicken Sandwich to anyone who fills out a quick phone survey, and you can do it every single time you eat at Burger King.

It’s simple. All you have to do is eat at Burger King once and save your receipt, or you can get a receipt from a friend that just went.

Call the toll free number on back of the receipt within 48 hours of eating there (1-866-425-4745).

Complete the 5-minute survey. They’ll ask for the store number on the receipt and the state you are in, and then about 15-20 general questions. You can pretty much type the same number multiple times in a row to answer, since they require that you listen to the entire question, but not necessarily all of the available answers. It only takes you about 2-3 minutes after the first time.

Then you will receive a code, which you must write on the receipt.

That’s it. Take the receipt with your code to ANY Burger King within one month of your original purchase, and you’ll get a free Whopper or Original Chicken sandwich when you purchase ANY SIZE drink and fries.

That means you can get a drink and fries off of their dollar menu, and you’ll still get a free Whopper or Chicken sandwich. If you eat there, you’re going to get refills anyway, and if you take it to go, you get a Whopper, fries and a drink for $2 and some change, when a Whopper value meal would usually cost $5 or more.

Although the receipt officially says one survey per customer per month, there is no way for them to enforce this unless you go to the same Burger King and see the same cashier every day. Otherwise, they have no method of keeping track of how many surveys you take, as they don’t ask any personal information.

Check out how much money you can save based on an average of $2.50 in savings per visit, considering that a value meal costs $5 or more, but it also comes with a larger fries and beverage than the dollar menu, which could cost you less than $2.25.

Visits Per Month = Savings Per Year (Based on $2.50 in Savings Per Visit)

5/month = $150/year
10/month = $300/year
15/month = $450/year

Although the savings can get even greater, we don’t recommend eating much more than 15 times a month at Burger King (sorry BK).

It really is a great way to get a cheap lunch while you’re working, or to get a quick meal for your kid on the go, and the savings can be enormous if you’re one of the BK faithful.

You can also sign up for the Burger King Rewards Program to earn BK Crowns toward free menu items and get access to exclusive coupons.

Thanks and enjoy maximizing money.


  1. Robin Penn says

    The Roast Beef sandwich is the best thing at Arbys. I love them get a side of curly fries with a cup of cheese sauce and you have a meal.

  2. bigal says

    use the same code for every receipt, we dont check them! trust me there is no wayt to get caught! and even if u somehow did what would happen? 1being accused of being a hambuglaer? is BK not MC! lolz

  3. mecca says

    ummmmm the thought of a flamed brolied burger king burger and the only place close with onion rings got to love bk…………

  4. Gerald Sakamura says

    It is so annoying to try to find your section to fill in the survey and get a validation code. Calling in was much easier, but I called and it’s not on the phone anymore. I am trying to get the survey online and I can’t find the right window to click on to take the survey and receive a code. Could you direct me in the right direction? I would appreciate it because I do love eating the whopper and onion rings. It might be a good idea to designate a page just for the survey to make it easier for the customer. I would hate to think that I’m going to be angry enough and swear off visiting Burger King for my favorite hamburger sandwich.
    Thank you at least for the opportunity to express my concern and wish you can direct me in getting my whopper sandwich for the cost of a drink and fries. Thank you, Gerald S.

  5. Hamster says

    You can only submit once in a thirty day period from the same household. There is no great savings. 30 dollars a year is all you will save, unless you do some cheating of the system (which I am sure some of you already know).

  6. BILL MEHALOF says

    today at burger king, my 3pc chicken strips and fries were warm? and my wifes fish sandwich wasent anything to brag about either, her MD iced coffee wasent mad properly. When i order FOOD i want it HOTT!!! not WARM!!
    and a cinnabon–13.53 for this little amount of food–We could have eaten at a chinese buffet for the same price and got HOTT FOOD EVERY TIME!!!

  7. gladys fallowfield says

    i was at bk out in orillia square mall in orillia on dec. 10 2012 i’ve been trying to go online to do the survey and i phoned the number and it told me the survey was over where is the survey and can i still do the survey.

  8. frank says

    They won’t let you order the drink and fries from the dollar here in Pa.The reciept says something about not being combined with other offers and that means the dollar menu.

  9. Sherry Burke says

    Burger King has always had the BEST hamburgers and they taste better even after 20 years! I really enjoyed them when I was pregnant with my second child, with EXTRA pickles and all the way!!!

  10. DICK FARAH says


  11. Joe says

    From Food Dude: “If you’ve ever eaten at Burger King I’m sure that you’ve noticed the offer on the back of your receipt where in exchange for going online and taking a survey about your experience the restaurant gives you a free Whopper or Original Chicken Sandwich on your next visit. What I’m going to show you is how you can get the free sandwich without even taking the survey at all.

    Alright, so the Whoppers and chicken sandwiches aren’t technically “free” since you still need to buy a small, medium or largre order of fries and a drink to get them, but “How to Get Free Whoppers and Original Chicken Sandwiches From Burger King Without Taking the Survey on the Back of Your Receipt” was just WAY too long of a title for a blog post. Plus, if you’re planning on buying a Whopper or an Original Chicken Sandwich anyway this deal makes them much cheaper than just purchasing either of them as part of a combo meal. Alright, on to the free sandwiches!

    The way that Burger King’s survey works is that after completing it you’re given a code to write on the back of your receipt, which you then turn in for your free sandwich on your next visit. The code is always a combination of two letters followed by a random string of five numbers. The two letters are exactly the same for every single customer who takes the survey in a given month and the five numbers are always completely random. When you turn in your receipt for a free sandwich all the Burger King employees do is check to make sure that the first two letters match what Burger King tells them are the two correct letters for everyone who took the survey that month.

    What’s even better is that although the letter codes vary from month to month they never change from year to year. What’s better than that is that I just happen to know the letter codes that Burger King uses for every single month. The codes are as follows:

    January – BB
    February – LS
    March – JH
    April – PL
    May – BK
    June – WH
    July – FF
    August – BF
    September – CF
    October – CK
    November – CB
    December – VM

    Alright, so let’s say that during the month of August you eat at Burger King and save your receipt so you can complete the survey and get a free sandwich on your next visit. Your code would be BF followed by five random numbers, so BF92458 would work as would BF23514 or any other combination of BF followed by any five random numbers. Stopped in during the month of November? No problem, just use CB and any five numbers you want instead of BF. Pretty easy huh?”

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