LevelUp $5 Referral Bonus for Both Parties and $5 LevelUp Mobile Payment App Launch Credit

LevelUp is offering a $5 bonus to both new and current LevelUp members to celebrate the launch of the LevelUp mobile payment app in 25 cities across the U.S.

The LevelUp referral program is also offering a $5 bonus credit to both parties when a current LevelUp member refers a new member to LevelUp.

You can actually sign up for a new LevelUp account through the referral program to earn a $5 credit, and then you may also be able to add the additional $5 25-city launch credit to your account for a total of $10 in credits.

About LevelUp

LevelUp is a mobile payment app from SCVNGR that is live in 25 cities and allows you to pay with your phone instead of cards or cash.

LevelUp is free to use and download to your iPhone or Android device, or you can also request a LevelUp Card if you don’t have iPhone or Android.

To pay with LevelUp, you’ll need to link a debit or credit card, and then you just pay via the LevelUp app at participating locations.

You can pay at a variety of restaurants with LevelUp in 25 cities across the U.S.

LevelUp $5 25-City Launch Bonus

You can earn a $5 bonus from LevelUp today, whether you already have a LevelUp account or not.

You can earn this $5 bonus even if you already have a LevelUp account, just by scanning the $5 LevelUp Code with your LevelUp app or by entering your email address.

Just visit this LevelUp $5 25-City Launch Link to open a new account, scan the code, or enter your account email address today.

You will earn a $5 bonus immediately to spend anywhere on LevelUp.

If you don’t already have a LevelUp account, you may actually be able to earn the referral bonus listed below first, and then just add this above $5 credit to your account once it is active.

LevelUp $5 Referral Bonus Program

The LevelUp Give $5 Get $5 Referral Program offers a $5 credit to both parties.

Current LevelUp members will earn a $5 bonus when your referrals make their first purchase for at least $5 (excluding the $5 bonus credit).

Just invite your friends to join LevelUp, and they’ll get a $5 instant credit, plus you’ll get a $5 bonus credit when they spend at least $5 with LevelUp, excluding their initial $5 bonus credit.

You can share your code via Facebook, Twitter, email, or by sharing your unique referral code (which you can access via the Twitter sharing option).

You can also order a special free referral package from LevelUp to help you refer more friends with cards, stickers, and more.

LevelUp $5 Referral Bonus Link

You can open a new LevelUp account through this LevelUp $5 Referral Bonus Link for new customers to earn an instant $5 new account credit.

You will see the LevelUp Referral Code PL0CTH already entered as well as a note that says “This means you start with money to spend anywhere,” which indicates that a referral code has been successfully applied.

Just complete the details to sign up for an account, and the $5 credit will instantly be added to your account.

Once you create an account via the referral program, you can then attempt to get the above $5 25-city launch credit that is available for current accounts as well.

There are some Restrictions on the LevelUp Referral Program due to certain abuses that were taking place.

Please feel free to share LevelUp referrals with other readers in the comments section below this article.

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Sign up for LevelUp to earn extra bonus credits today.

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