SUBWAY Free Cookie Promotion for Completing SUBWAY Receipt Survey

SUBWAY restaurants are offering a free cookie promotion when you complete a quick survey with your SUBWAY purchase receipt.

On the bottom of your SUBWAY receipt, you’ll find information about completing a SUBWAY restaurant survey about your experience.

By completing the SUBWAY survey, you’ll receive a SUBWAY promotional code that is good for a free cookie on your next visit.

How To Get Your Free SUBWAY Cookie

1. Visit your local SUBWAY and make any purchase.

2. Make sure to ask for your receipt.

3. On the bottom of your SUBWAY receipt, you should see information about a survey opportunity.

4. Visit and enter the SUBWAY store ID on your receipt to access your survey.

5. Complete the 1-page survey to receive your SUBWAY free cookie promo code via email.

6. Instantly receive your SUBWAY email upon completion of the survey and write down the promotional code on your receipt.

7. Take your receipt with the code to the same SUBWAY restaurant and redeem your free cookie with a valid purchase.

Take advantage of this SUBWAY receipt free cookie survey opportunity to get a free cookie at your local SUBWAY restaurant.

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Visit your local SUBWAY restaurant and keep your receipt to receive a free cookie promotional code.


  1. GwendolynFilsinger says

    We had 3 6 in. Subs today. They were good and
    fresh. They were really a change of pace for us.
    I am looking forward to getting some $2 subs; a
    real good price.
    Gwendolyn Filsinger

  2. GwendolynFilsinger says

    The subs my husband & I had today were fresh
    and delicious.
    Gwendolyn Filsinger

  3. audrey zorn says

    I tried to put in store number and it said it was not a v alid number But thats what is on my reciet #11696 waht now

  4. CommonSense says

    The cookie code I received the last couple times is always the same combination between month/store number/date of purchase and time, separated by dashes.

    Example: 08-12345-0-0815-0916
    08 is the month, 12345-0 is the store id, 0815 is month and date of visit, 0916 is the hour and time of receipt.

    • Lisa says

      Thank you, CommonSense! I am using your code format to generate my own code for the free cookie. I did the survery online, but then right at the end, my internet “hiccupped” or something, and the page crashed, so I never got the code. :( Now I have it though!

  5. Andrea Smith says

    Everything was great like it is every Sunday I’m at the one(subway) across from the terminal.Candice greets me and fixes my sub just as I ask,when I come in on the week days the workers put whatever they want to put on my sandwich and not what I ask for

  6. Anita says

    This survey no longer works. My husband and I have enjoyed free cookies for the better part of 2014, but starting this year, the survey no longer works. No error messages, it just doesn’t provide the code anymore. :-(

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