Wendy’s Restaurant Receipt Survey $2 Discount Off Large Sandwich or Full-Size Salad

Wendy’s restaurants are offering a $2 discount off a large sandwich or full-size salad of your choice when you complete a Wendy’s receipt survey.

Just dine at any participating Wendy’s restaurant to receive your receipt.

Then call 1-888-624-8140 or visit TalkToWendys.com and take the brief survey.

You must take the survey within 48 hours of receiving your receipt at Wendy’s.

After completing the survey, you must write the validation code that you receive in the blank space on your receipt.

Then return the receipt with the validation code to the same Wendy’s restaurant to redeem your $2 coupon.

The $2 discount offer is valid for 14 days after you complete the survey.

Your $2 Wendy’s discount coupon can be redeemed for a large sandwich or full-size salad of your choice.

This offer is only valid at participating Wendy’s restaurants.

Wendy’s Receipt Coupon Details

Guests can only redeem 1 coupon within a 30-day period.

This offer is not valid with any other coupons or discounts, and it cannot be used for combos or value items.

Wendy’s employees and family are not eligible.

Take advantage of this Wendy’s restaurant receipt survey coupon offer to get a $2 discount off a large sandwich or full-size salad at Wendy’s.

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Visit your local Wendy’s to get a $2 receipt coupon after completing a brief survey.


      • Diana says

        The code is sent to the email you provided them in the survey/questioner. Sometimes it is directed to the spam folder too so also check there.

  1. theresa burke says

    There is no store number on the receipt. Called Wendys they do not have a store number on receipt. This false advertising.

  2. Bruce Virgin says

    Tonight I once again tryed to eat at the new Wendy’s that recently opened on Park Street just down the street from where I live. Haveing eaten at Wendy’s many times in my life I once again was appalled at the unprofessional,poor service and child like activitty of the staff.We had to stand behind an off duty employee, a young lady, as she made loud statements about the manager on duty paying for her meal. The on duty manager stood by the fryer and said nothing, while we and several other customers stood waiting. In addition both garbage cans were overflowing with trash, and even though one of the employees walk around the room, his answer was to push the trash down into the can. I hope this will help you to improve this resturant, as it is a new building on a very busy street.

  3. Erma Woodman says

    Very disappointed that Wendy’s is no longer selling Hot Cups of Tea. Plus Wendy’s does not have “Real Decaf Coffee.”

  4. Robert Hunt says

    I really like Wendy’s. The only thing I would change is making jalapeno pepers available to those who would like them.

  5. Linda L. Miller says

    I have tried your survey website for two days and cannot get connected to it. Is your coupon special expired?

    Thank You,
    Linda Miller

  6. Arthur J.Leary says

    Today 03-13-2013 my wife and I tried the ” COD FISH SANDWICH ” ,just loved it and will definetly order again .Pertaining to the french fries ,they are great but wish Wendys made their french fries larger or wider .Hope

    Wendy’s please keep the COD SANDWICH on the Menu and I wish to thank Wendy’s for being so kind to SENIOR CITIZENS for providing a free drink with your order !!!! :)

  7. Alyse Schultz says

    One of your customers reply was Wendy’s was providing a free drink for seniors. Where?? We have always had to pay for our drink.

    • Steven says

      You just prefer your order with and a SENIOR COKE OR A SENIOR ROOT BEER
      or whatever the beverage is. ( I think this may only be for soft drinks ) and if you are at least 60 years – they do not charge you for it. But you have to say SENIOR – ______

      while you are ordering it.

      I always ask for a Senior Diet Coke and I always get it without charge. PS: I am 63

  8. Alton says

    still trying to take the survey loved the fried chicken club …the best wanted to fill out the survey help if you can

  9. trish martin says

    I have tried several times to take the survey online but it is a pain in the butt. They claim the address on my receipt is incorrect. I actually wanted them to know about the customer service in Granbury, Tx. I sometimes go through the drive-through at night when my husband works late to grab a bite to eat. Brenda, who works the late shift, is very professional, polite and fast. She always has a smile on her face when she greets you. Can’t say that about 99% of the people working in the fast food industry. She is great!

  10. Dolores Rau says

    I have tried to do 2 surveys., one let me finish but never gave me a code to enter on my receiptt for my free salad.
    Trying to get in now and make a comment and won’t let me in. I went to the Wendys at Parker and Dartmouth and ordered an Apple Pecan Chicken Salad. Didn’t get any apples and no Cranberries. It was a sick salad

  11. Betty Strickland says

    I went thu wendy’s drive and was help by a young lady name Hanna on 12-8 13 she was so nice .polite and smiling. she got everything i needed didn’t have to ask for anything, i never use drive thu because of the trash you give you and never get what you order,but this was the best service i have had in a long long time in or out we need more employee like her.she is worth her pay my ck # 3553 location 2903 Raeford Rd Fayetteville ,N C station #003 site #00010758 the food was also very good..I’m also going back to tell her manager about her, thank you very much Betty

  12. EVELYN says

    I wanted to take the survey after purchasing my dinner tonight. But, the ink is so faint on the receipt that I cannot read anything printed on it.

  13. Marlene Fab says

    Wendy,s is the only fast food restaurant we go to. I have tried at least three times to get

    a validation code, to no avail. Needless to say I am not very happy about that.

    • Bill says

      I complete the survey online and have it sent to my email. Never a problem. Sometimes I do it on my phone while eating lunch in the restaurant! Hint: use different emails.

  14. rent says

    as far as the survey, you pick one of the items you purchased and they ask you a LOT of questions about that particular item. at the end it just says thanks, you have completed the survey but no code. the next morning the code was sent to me via email. mcdonalds does a similar survey but you get a free quarter pounder or free breakfast sandwich, wendys is $2.00 off. burger king offers a free whopper for completing their survey, jack in the box offers two free tacos.

  15. Jewell says

    The meal was excellent, the cashier was smiling and very cordial, her name was Farzana, when she is not there, the service is not as good! We eat there quite often.,the restaurant is always nice and clean. Good work.

  16. James E Klampe says

    I have been trying to take the survey for almost an hour now and can’t get anywhere as it says I am using the wrong store number, I AM USING THE NUMBER ON MY RECEIPT as it says to do and getting no where, I’m not sure I will go back to Wendy’s again and have been going there for some time, I am sure wasting my time on this $2.00 off deal. James E Klampe klampejames74@gmail.com

  17. Mike says

    This is a joke. It tells me I have already done a survey in the last 30 days, which is false. The only comment I wanted to make anyway was that I saw on the cheap menu says cheeseburgers are .99. I ordered hamburgers which are also .99. I am sick of Wendy’s. I will not be going back as they have gone the way of almost every fastfood hamburger place; they no longer offer hamburgers. Everything has cheese, so if you are unable to eat cheese, you are still charged for it, and then, most of the time they put cheese on them even after you have asked them not to.

  18. Joe Backs says

    I tried three times to take the survey and couldn`t get throught to take the survey.If this kind of delay keep happening Wendys will loose my three to four times a week visits.McDonalds will be glad to have me as a customer


    sr berry lemon is the best drink every/ and the host miss yatta was so nice she is very friendly thank you for being so nice

  20. Joseph F. Mistretta says

    Tried the pulled pork sandwich, the pork was overdone, dry and hard to eat. Not enough sauce on the pork would have been good if wasn’t so dry. Otherwise every thing was OK

  21. Leneta Cavnaugh says

    I will have to say that the Wendy’s on West 10th street is the worst one ever, every time me and my husband go there to eat there is always something wrong with our food we don’t like cheese on anything and we always order without it which they always but it on there and we have to go back and tell them no cheese not to mention how rude they are and it’s always the younger people who work there that are rude i feel that if i’m paying my money i should get what i want and good service to go with it, it does not matter what job you are are doing or where you work i feel like you should be proud of what your doing or else it shows in your work, i will never go back to this wendy’s again just because of the crappy customer service and they never get your food right and make you feel like you should not come here if you want something better which is bad for business.

  22. KK says

    Call 1-888-624-8140 to get your code if online does not work. What sandwiches are considered “large”? just sayin.

  23. michael burke says

    we went to storeSW4924 on February 04, at 11:15. The store opened at 10:30 . We asked for 2coffees and none was available and the person refused to make any . They have good coffee , normally. We were not happy. The macdonalds , a block had coffee on 5 minutes later . and they kept it on all day.

  24. AARON JANOER says

    I go the wendys on Atlantic ave in east Rockaway NY.

    The store is professionally run. The store is clean. Employees are polite and well trained. Food is always hot and fresh. The drive thru moves and if there’s a slow order they have him pull up and not hold the line.


  25. CFC says

    Renovated Wendy’s near my house, nearer to the hospital and a very busy street. The business is slacking. Nice to go there after Church on Sunday mornings. But forget about the drive-thru!
    First time we were handed the wrong sandwich while the “dispatcher” was sharing a joke with another employee. But you’re on the road before you catch the mistake. Second time we gave the #number of the desired sandwich, unlike before when we discribed it three times. And again we were given the wrong meat filling. Too much trouble to go back with it. By now we decided to try the brand new Wendy’s on an even busier street. Got good sandwiches , but the “free” coffee was luke warm.
    Blah! Forget about it!!!(I hope I didn’t misspell too much, because I can hardly read this print.)

  26. yolanda says

    I took the survey and didn’t get a coupon code. then i tried to resubmit and now I am locked out. I want my $2 off.

  27. Amy says

    I liked the chicken salad I just had and filled out that FOREVER long survey, I left the CEO a comment about how when the salads first came out the had more chicken on them, I did want to add that 95% of the time I order a Unsweet tea I get humming bird like food and I think that’s annoying. I realize I live in the south and it is what is, its a small gripe but non the less a customer service issue.

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