White Castle Guest Satisfaction Survey for 2 Free Hamburgers or Cheeseburgers

White Castle restaurants are currently offering 2 free hamburgers or cheeseburgers when you complete a White Castle Guest Satisfaction Survey that comes with your receipt.

Just make a purchase at White Castle to receive a receipt that comes with the Guest Satisfaction Survey.

You can then complete the White Castle survey to receive 2 free hamburgers or cheeseburgers the next time you visit White Castle.

How To Complete White Castle Survey

1. You will need your White Castle receipt to complete the survey.

2. Call 1-866-YCRAVE2 (1-866-927-2832) or visit www.whitecastle.com/survey.

3. Provide the survey code that is indicated on your White Castle receipt.

4. At the end of the survey, you will receive a validation code that is good for 2 free hamburgers or cheeseburgers.

5. Enter the validation code on your receipt and present your receipt at White Castle to receive your 2 free hamburgers or cheeseburgers.

White Castle Survey Receipt Coupon Details

There is a limit of 1 coupon per customer per visit.

You must present your original receipt with the validation code.

This offer is not valid with any other coupon or offer.

The coupon is not valid on frozen products.

The coupon expires 3 weeks after the receipt date.

Take advantage of this White Castle receipt survey to get 2 free burgers the next time you visit White Castle.

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Eat at White Castle and complete the Guest Satisfaction Survey on your receipt to get 2 free hamburgers or cheeseburgers the next time you visit White Castle.


  1. Jara says

    White Castle are liars. Got a survey receipt. Went to the site. it referred to another White Castle web site. and gave me a “This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed.” So I called the number of the receipt to do the survey. I Entered the survey code as asked. Then asked to enter the “sales code”. Which does not exist. I entered all the numbers on the receipt. Requiring many calls. No go. I was given a number to call if there was a problem. That number gave me a long run-around ending in they were now closed and to call back. The call started with “Your call is important to us”. Yeah, right. I’ve gone to White Castle since 1954. I now take my large family there. Not anymore. I’ll never go in one again. My family knows my values. They won’t either. It would be a better world if everyone stopped doing business with companies who are awful at the core. A good way to put America back on track. If only Americans were more people than sheep. Shame on you White Castle.

  2. Robert Young says

    white castle #010043 sale #579272215. the white castle were cold the onion ring were not hot and I order a diet coke, got a regular coke

  3. joe says

    just left white castle worst sliders I ever had at a w.c. I ordered 6 and most of them went in to the garbagel long.time cus. and will not be going there again. rt. 46 ledgewood n.j. #090038 or any other. wc. sliders were greasy making the buns soggy. sales #140071726, team #167.

  4. Florine Harrington says

    I just left white castale and had a take home order of 4 burgers and fries and the car smelt so good that I started to taste them and when I reached home they werw all gone . Very warm and tasty

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