BankAmeriDeals Cash Back Rewards Program for Bank of America Credit and Debit Card Members

The new BankAmeriDeals Cash Back Rewards Program offers special deals from stores and restaurants when you use your Bank of America credit card or debit card.

BankAmeriDeals helps you get cash back deals directly on your Bank of America cards when you use them to make purchases at select locations.

You can access these deals through your Online Banking account, and the cash back savings are automatically credited to your account each month.

You just select the cash back deals that you want, and they are added to your eligible Bank of America debit and credit cards, so no coupons or codes are necessary when you go shopping.

Visit and sign in to your account to access BankAmeriDeals.

There is no limit to the cash back that you can earn, so take advantage of BankAmeriDeals today.

Participating BankAmeriDeals States

It’s important to note that BankAmeriDeals is not available in all areas during its introductory phase.

National availability is expected in September of 2012.

I checked available in each state, and here is a list of participating states as of June 24, 2012:

  • Alabama
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin

If you’re state is not in this list, you may still want to try to access BankAmeriDeals at the above promo link, as the states may change before the official launch date.

How To Access and Earn BankAmeriDeals

1. Log in to your online account at

2. Select an offer and it will automatically be loaded to your eligible Bank of America debit and credit cards.

3. Shop as you normally do and pay with your eligible Bank of America debit or credit card.

4. Cash back will automatically be credited to your account every month.

BankAmeriDeals Offers Based on Spending

BankAmeriDeals offers are based on how you currently shop with your Bank of America credit and debit cards.

If you don’t use your Bank of America credit or debit cards on a regular basis, you may not receive any offers until you start to use your card more.

The more that you use your Bank of America credit or debit cards, the more opportunities that you will have to receive relevant offers.

So if you log in to BankAmeriDeals and don’t see any offers available to you, it’s probably because you haven’t use your card in a while.

Qualifying Bank of America Cards

You must be enrolled in Online Banking to participate in the BankAmeriDeals program and have either a Bank of America debit card or Bank of America Consumer Credit Card to be eligible for BankAmeriDeals offers.

Select co-brand credit cards and business credit cards are not eligible.

Participants must select an eligible Bank of America checking or credit card account as your cash back redemption account, so that earned cash back can be credited into this account on a monthly basis.

BankAmeriDeals can help you earn extra savings at participating merchants if you have a Bank of America debit card or credit card.

Check out these other Bank of America Promotional Offers as well for more special deals from BofA.

Use BankAmeriDeals to get automatic savings at select restaurants and stores with your Bank of America cards.


  1. says

    Hello Patricia,

    In regards to the BankAmeriDeals program, the cash back that you earn is automatically credited to your account.

    Depending on which Bank of America card you have, you may or may not also earn rewards points on your purchases, and depending on the redemption options available, you may also be able to redeem those points toward statement credits.

    The BankAmeriDeals program and your credit card rewards program are separate programs, so the BankAmeriDeals will be earned on top of the credit card rewards you may already receive.

    Hope this helps and thanks for commenting, Max

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