Bombfell Men’s Personal Clothing Stylist Offers $25 Off First Order via Referral Program

Bombfell is a men’s clothing subscription site that sends you personalized items that are hand-picked by your stylist on a monthly basis.

Plus, new Bombfell members can get $25 off your first order when you join today.

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About Bombfell

Bombfell is a monthly clothing subscription designed entirely for men.

Basically, you give them a bunch of info about your style and preferences, and select an article of clothing that you want sent to you.

Then they have a stylist pick something out and it gets shipped to you.

If you like it, you keep it, or you can send it back and get a refund.

Your credit card will NOT be charged upfront when you join.

You will get a preview email with photos prior to shipping, so if you don’t like it, you can get another pick or skip that month entirely.

You will have 10 full days after your clothes arrive to try them on and decide whether to keep them.

They provide free shipping and easy returns including a prepaid return label.

You can also participate in the Bombfell referral program once you become a member.

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Take advantage of Bombfell to get a personal stylist to liven up your wardrobe.


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    Bombfell sent me a list of their FAQs if anybody is interested in more information:


    1. What if I don’t like what you pick for me?

    We send a preview email with photos 48 hours prior to shipping your selection. You can ask for another selection if you don’t like it, or choose to skip that month entirely. We’ll go ahead and ship your selection out if we don’t hear from you.

    2. What if it doesn’t fit?

    We take great pains to ensure we send clothes that fit, taking into account what brand and size you currently wear, your body shape, past purchases and returns, and photos of you if available. If however we still get it wrong, simply generate a prepaid return label through our website and use that to send the clothes back. We will then commit seppuku with a frisbee.

    3. Are the clothes over-priced?

    Nope, we never charge you a price that’s more than what it normally retails for. And remember, we offer free returns so you can always send it back if you don’t think it’s worth the price. But trust us, it will be worth it.

    4. How much is it?

    You can set your own budget! Once you set your ceiling for price per item, we’ll do our absolute best to find the best clothes for you within that budget. Your whole budget won’t necessarily be used each month – if your stylist finds something she loves for you that’s less than your budget, you’ll just be charged the price for that item.

    5. Do you charge me up-front?

    Nope. You have 10 days after your item is delivered to decide whether you want to keep or return it. We assume you’re keeping it if we don’t hear from you after 10 days.

    6. Can I cancel my account at any time?

    Yep. Just email us at

    7. What type of clothes do you send?

    We currently offer men’s casualwear, the stuff in between what you wear on the couch and scratch yourself in, and a full-blown suit. The kind of clothes you wear to dinner, to work, out on a date or hanging out on the weekends.

    8. Who picks the clothes, robots or human?

    Both (Cylons!). We use technology on the back-end that surfaces recommendations for each user based on fit and style. But a human stylist (the sort with years of experience working in production, design and merchandising in men’s fashion) has the final say.

    9. Can I tell you what my wardrobe is lacking?

    Yep! You can set your preferences to tell us what types of clothes to send, and any types you don’t want any of.

    10. If I return an item, do you send something different for that month?

    If you want! All up to you.

    11. Do you ship internationally?

    Not yet. But working on it.

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