FiveStars Universal Loyalty Program at Local Businesses

FiveStars is a universal loyalty program that allows you to earn points at thousands of local businesses across the U.S., which you can redeem for freebies and discounts.

Each participating business, like your favorite local store, restaurant, or coffee shop, designs its own unique loyalty program with different rewards and incentives for the customer to earn.

When you shop at a participating business, you just show your FiveStars card or provide your phone number to earn your points.

Once you’ve earned enough points for a reward, depending on the specifics of the individual program, you’ll be able to redeem your points for some free stuff or a special discount.

It’s free to join FiveStars and start participating today.

How the FiveStars Loyalty Program Works

1. You can either register online or pick up a FiveStars card at any participating business and give them your phone number to get started.

2. You can find participating locations on to earn points at thousands of businesses in the U.S.

3. It’s as easy as that to get rewarded for visiting your favorite places.

Each individual program is self-contained, and your earned points are not interchangeable, so if you earn points at a particular business, then you must redeem those earned points at that same business.

However, you can simultaneously earn and redeem points at multiple businesses, just by presenting your FiveStars card or providing your registered phone number.

Examples of FiveStars Loyalty Rewards

Cafe XO in San Francisco, CA

Earn 1 point for every coffee purchased.

Redeem 9 points for 1 free coffee.
Redeem 27 points for 1 free sandwich.

Bongiorno’s Italian Pizzeria in Chicago, IL

Earn 1 point for every visit.

Redeem 10 points for 1 free slice of pizza.

NYC Fitness in New York, NY

Earn 1 point for every 1 juice purchased.

Redeem 10 points for 1 free juice.

These are just a few examples of the tons of individual rewards programs that are available at local businesses with your FiveStars membership.

FiveStars Bonus Points for New Account Registration

You will earn some free bonus points when you sign up for a new account with FiveStars.

You can earn 3 bonus points when you register online using your email and link your phone number to your account.

You can earn additional bonus points when you connect your Facebook account.

The bonus points that you earn can be claimed at individual businesses at a rate of 1 point per business.

So if you earn 3 bonus points, then you can claim 1 point each at 3 of your favorite participating businesses where you intend to make more purchases in the future.

By claiming a bonus point at a particular business, it will count as 1 point earned in that individual reward program.

FiveStars Client Referral Program for Businesses

FiveStars does offer a client referral program for participating businesses.

If you are currently a FiveStars business (i.e., you offer FiveStars to your customers), then you can refer a friend’s business to FiveStars, and both businesses will earn bonus credits.

If your friend’s business signs up, you get a $100 credit to you account, which takes $100 off your monthly bill.

Plus, your friend’s business will get 1 free month of service when they sign up with FiveStars.

FiveStars $25 Amazon Gift Card for New Businesses

I also found this FiveStars $25 Amazon Gift Card Link for new businesses that sign up for a free demo.

You’ll get a free demo and a $25 Gift Card, but you will be contacted and asked a few questions about your small business to see if you qualify.

Take advantage of FiveStars to earn loyalty rewards points at your favorite local businesses.

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