Staples Free $20 Visa Prepaid Card to Buy $300 in Visa Gift Cards

From January 4th to January 10, 2015, you can get a free $20 Visa Prepaid Card when you buy a total of $300 or more in Visa Gift Cards at Staples.

Just buy $300 or more in Visa Gift Cards to get a $20 Visa Prepaid Card after a rebate.

There is a limit of 1 rebate per household.

This offer is available in-store only.

Check the gift card that you purchase for details on any fees as well.

I believe there is a $5.95 fee for the $100 cards and a $6.95 fee for the $200 cards.

This offer is showing on Page 4 of the Staples Weekly Ad for the week of January 4th to January 10th.

Take advantage of this promotion to get a free $20 Visa Prepaid Card when you purchase $300 worth of Visa Gift Cards.


  1. aua says

    really dude?! i checked the price and it is $6.95 fees for a $100 mastercard gift card…doing the simple math, for buying $300 mastercard gift card has a fees of $20.85….and u said what? yeah $20 “free” Staples Gift Card!…nice joke…i get dinged 85 cents for doing all the stupid things as buying $300 woth of mastercard gift cards…instead you should suggest us readers to go and hand over 85 cents to Staples instead of doing all these useless work of buying gift cards.

    • says

      Hello aua,

      I apologize for not being more clear about the fees associated with purchasing MasterCard gift cards at Staples.

      I did originally mention to check the gift cards for fees in the article, but I should have been more specific on the fees and how they can affect your overall earnings and cut into the “free” $20 Staples gift card.

      Your best bet to minimize the affect of the fees is to purchase the largest denominations of MasterCard gift cards available, which is usually $200 gift cards, but these can sell out quickly during these promotions, and they are not always available in stores.

      Either way, the fees are going to cut into your overall profit, so you won’t end up getting a full $20 for free.

      However, in many cases, these types of promotions are as much about maximizing your credit card spending/rewards as getting free cash out of the deal.

      That’s why I mentioned the AMEX Staples Sync Offer for a $25 credit when you spend $75, as it’s an easy way to qualify for that statement credit while not having to spend the money directly at Staples on merchandise.

      This deal could also help you qualify for a new credit card bonus or just earn extra points or miles on your favorite rewards card.

      Anyways, I am sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused you, and I will try to be more clear on such issues in the future.

      Appreciate your comment and wish you the best. Max

      • aua says

        Sorry for my rant earlier. I have learned/earned from your valuable website earlier. So no hard feeling. I apologize. Anyways, I appreciate your transparency in publishing comments instead of just moderating/filtering dissenting comments.
        Please continue the good work and help folks like me save money! Cheers!


        • says

          Hello aua,

          It’s no problem at all, and there are no hard feelings. I appreciate all types of feedback, so thank you for reading and commenting.

          Best of luck, Max

  2. Devon says

    aua, You probably should be a mature adult and not bash someone trying to help you. Not to mention the fact that you chose to come here and read this. I want to thank Max for his blog and everything he does.
    As for this deal, he it’s not $20 in fees as you pay $6.95 for a $100 card and $6.95 for a $200 for a total of $13.90 and a profit of $6.10. Not to mention the Plink points, the credit card miles/points, and if you have the offer in your Amex account you’ll get another $25 making this a $31 money maker. Again, thanks a bunch Max!!

  3. Albrecht says

    Thanks Max! One thing to note: if you do get $20 Staples Gift Card(s), spend quickly, as Staples is not feeling good and announced massive store closing just a few days ago, if I’m not mistaken.

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